Constantine Blackwood

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Constantine Alastor Blackwood
Earl of Cambrdge
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Occupation Researcher, xenoarchaeologist
Affiliation unknown
Born 786 AS

Constantine Alastor Blackwood, Earl of Cambridge, former House of Lords member, researcher and xenoarchaeologist.


Before the accident

Born on Planet Cambridge in 786 AS. His parents were Richard James Blackwood, Earl of Cambridge, and Victoria Blackwood, well known xenoarchaeologist. That cheerful child has been wandering across the Sirius Sector with his parents all the time, receiving all kinds of education. As a result, he learned every language in sector and even won a few junior fencing competitions. But Victoria’s resercheal activities was the reason their royal liner Lord Hermes was attacked in one of the Omega systems at the beginning of Nomad War and xenoarcheologist hunting in Bretonia. Constantine was the only survivor, his rescue capsule was luckily picked up by remote Bretonia Armed Forces patrol shortly after.

800 – 817 AS and membership in the House of Lords

Actually, he hasn't escaped unharmed. Due to some unknown reasons he lost his eyesight (no physical damage was noted). He has spent almost all of fortune he inherited from his father to find out the cause and cure it. But so far it all was in vain. Slowly he learnt to live with it, but hasn't give up. The other thing he inherited was title of the Earl of Cambridge. Next several years he spent mainly trying to help Cambridge and Bretonia dealing with the outcomes of the war. In 807 AS he was officially presented to the seat in the House of Lords. His membership in parliament wasn't the only thing that occupied his mind for this years – he deeply fell in love with Her Majesty Queen Carina. Thou details of their relations are unknown, it seems that they were a bit one-sided. But that was the reason he supported Tau War, being inside a man of peaceful nature and strongly against any kind of war. After the September rebellion of 816, when George Mountbatten, rebel, gained Queen’s favor, Blackwood was overwhelmed with indignation. He retired from his position in parliament in 817 AS and concentrated on his researcheal activities on board of rebuilt Lord Hermes.

Present Day

Lord Hermes had often been seen in the remote Omicron systems, sometimes returning to his homeland on Cambridge. Rumors say that Blackwood is aiming, except for retrieving his eyesight, to gain alien powers to get rid of Mountbatten once and for all. Liner was seen accompanied by fighter “Lady Armstrong”, but neither identity of the pilot nor their relations are clear.

After confrontation with the Order in the Omicron Delta in the beginning of 818 A.S. about the matter of researching on board of the ship nomad weaponry and organisms liner disappeared from sight.

Personality and appearance

Blackwood’s nature is loving and caring, but blindness made him suspicious, and Queen’s insensibility filled him with sorrow. Still he is very wise person, smart and sensitive. It’s like he got an inner eye instead of lost eyesight.


Height: 178 cm | Weight: 62 kg | Eye colour: blue, keeps them close usually | Hair colour: golden