Tau War

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Bretonia-Kusari war (Tau war)
Date 813 A.S. → 821 A.S.
Location Spanning multiple systems
Tau Border Worlds, Kusari, Bretonia, adjoining border worlds
Status Resolved

Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Colonial Remnant
Farmers Alliance

Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Flag-outcasts.png Outcasts
Molly Republic (unofficial)
Mandalorian Mercenaries
Golden Chrysanthemums
The Consortium


Flag-kusari.png Emperor Jien Kogen
Flag-kusari.png Shogun Sulu
Flag-kusari.png (Ho) Hitomi Ryuu
Flag-kusari.png (FA) Sousuke Patro
[CR] Basil Angelos [CR] Karl Meek [CR] Alexander Wingates

Flag-bretonia.png Carina I
Flag-bretonia.png Richard Windsor
Flag-bretonia.png Percy Nelles
Flag-bretonia.png Sir Stanley Nelson
Flag-bretonia.png Sir Andrew Stuart
Flag-outcasts.png Luisa Dejesus
Flag-outcasts.png Emilio Santini
[GC] Ai Takeda
[GC] Tojo Matsumoto
[MM] John Cabot †
[MM] Sir William Bishop
/CS/ Ironwatsas


Flag-kusari.png 54 Battleships
750 Destroyers & Gunboats
160,000 Strike Craft
8,600,000 Marines & Ground Troops

[CR] 9 Battleships
20 Destroyers & Gunboats
2,200 Strike Craft & Other
8,500 Marines & Ground Troops

Quasi & Unlawful Forces:
est. 30,000 - 40,000

(NB: Not including Corsairs)

Flag-bretonia.png 65 Battleships
500 Destroyers & Gunboats
140,000 Strike Craft
5,150,000 Marines & Ground Troops

Flag-outcasts.png 40 Battleships
250 Destroyers & Gunboats
50,000 Strike Craft
(Estimates. Mostly deployed elsewhere.)

[MM] 300-400 Warriors

Other Unlawful:
est. 40,000 - 60,000

The Bretonia-Kusari Conflict, or the Tau War is a major, ongoing conflict, predominantly between house Bretonia and Kusari. The war has been especially destructive, and threatens to continue. Kusari forces have dominated early in the conflict, and pushed into Leeds, overtaking Stokes Smelter and threatening the Planet itself. However, increasing Bretonian resistance has bogged Kusari down, and the entry of other factions, including the Mandalorian Mercenaries and recently, the Consortium, have helped bolster Bretonian morale and capability. Still, the conflict weighs heavily in Kusari's favor.

Prelude to War

The exact causes of the conflict are hotly debated and propagandized by both sides, with little uncensored official information available. However, the root causes are conflicts between Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing, and Samura Heavy Industries over mining rights in the Tau Systems. Bretonia also accused Kusari of supporting the Gaian Eco Terrorist movement. A gradual military buildup on both sides began, which lead to rapid escalation of the political situation, and eventually, a breakdown in Negotiations.

As the situation deteriorated, Liberty and Rheinland attempted to mediate the situation, to no avail. Talks continued to break down, and Kusari finally began deploying military forces into Tau-29.

Battle of Tau-31

The first shots of the war were sporadic engagements between recon patrols, and attacks on trade ships. Both the Bretonian Armed Forces and Kusari Naval Forces had periodic skirmishes between fighter wings and recon ships. As well, both sides began intercepting civilian commerce, occasionally destroying the opposition's ships outright.

Finally, Kusari deployed the bulk of it's fleet into Tau-31, a core strike force of at least six heavy capital ships, and numerous supporting units. These hastily overwhelmed the Bretonian defenders at the gate, destroying numerous ships, and forcing others to withdraw. With much of their force deployed forward at the Gate, Bretonia's fleet in Tau-31 was unable to effectively defend Holman Outpost, and Kusari quickly overran it's location.

Bretonia launched a surprise counterattack to dislodge Kusari forces from Holman Outpost a few weeks later, but this was soundly repelled by Kusari, with minor damage to a Battleship and Holman itself, which Kusari accepted responsibility for. Following this, Kusari forces quickly advanced toward planet Harris.

However, Bretonia had prepared a trap. A minefield laid with the help of the Mollys, sympathetic to Bretonia's war effort. Kusari's fleet blundered into the field, resulting in the Battle of Harris, resulting in a significant loss for the Kusari Naval Forces, and the security of Harris Orbit.

Bretonian Counterattack

Bretonia launched a second counter attack on Holman, which again ended in a spectacular failure. Kusari forces sustained few casualties, and furthermore, learned the location of the previously secret Dundee system. Kusari began to dispatch fleet battalions into Dundee, in an attempt to probe, and eventually conquer the system.

Inside Kusari proper, Bretonian agents and Privateers had begun trying to secure the aid of the Golden Chrysanthemums and Blood Dragons against the Empire. While the Dragons were largely suspicious of Bretonia, and some were sympathetic to Kusari on the war, the GC welcomed them. Partly to due with the ad-hoc alliance between the Outcasts and Bretonia.

However, the Dragons' partial support, and GC's inability to overcome the Kusari Home guard, Farmers' Alliance, and Hogosha on their own, further contributed to Kusari overconfidence.

Conflict in Dundee

Dundee proved to be much more favorable to Bretonia then Tau-31 had been. With a home field advantage, and open space rather then asteroids, Kusari forces had a hard time penetrating Bretonia's defenses. As well, Kusari was still concentrating it's forces in Tau-31, unwilling to commit massive forces to the invasion which could compromise their plans in the Taus and Leeds.

For the most part, Bretonia was successful in holding Dundee. Albeit under significant casualties.

Kusari Homefront

Back inside Kusari proper, the first signs of a better organized domestic resistance movement had begun to appear. Previously held under the thumb of the Paramilitaries, the Golden Chrysanthemums began to aggressively fight back, winning several surprising victories. As well, the NovaPG had become more focused and active, coordinating with the GC to a surprising degree.

Soon afterward, sightings of unknown ships and rumors of a third faction assisting the GC and Dragons surfaced. All information pointed to a Cyborg Mercenary named Ironwatsas, who was apparently working for the GC. However, he was passed off as a raving lunatic for his innane conduct, and given little attention.

As time went on, organized raids became commonplace, and it was clear that the GC and Dragons were receiving direct support from another faction. The aggressor was eventually revealed to be the Consortium Overwatch, which had used the cover of the war to organize a Cyborg army, and unite the Kusari Unlawfuls against Kusari. While not directly supportive of Bretonia, it was a major factor in the lull in the conflict prior to 817 A.S.

Fall of Upper Leeds

In the early summer of 817, Kusari made it's next move. An all out invasion of the Leeds system. Several transports filled with EMP weapons breached the Jumpgate, disabling much of the Bretonian fleet. Kusari battleships then poured through the Gate, resulting in a massive engagement. Kusari commandos quickly boarded Glasgow outpost, taking over it's control centers, and turning it's guns on the Bretonian fleet. Faced with this, the BAF called a tactical retreat, which turned into a full on rout, as more Kusari forces advanced.

Shortly after lodgement of their forces in Leeds, and before Bretonia could react, Kusari launched assaults on Stokes Smelter and LD-14. Stokes fell quickly, as it's population were killed or incapacitated by paralyzing gas vented into it's air supply. LD-14 however, held, due to the minefield placed around it, and significant Bretonian defense. Kusari forces however, took significant casualties, and were forced to halt their main advance at Stokes.

The Bretonian main force had been ravaged, with their battleships damaged, and many of their veteran crews killed and pilots shot down. The survivors joined the orbital defenses at leeds, consolidating their hold on the planet. Neither side was able to launch a significant offensive, and sporadic engagements moved back and forth across the no-man's-land between Stokes and Leeds.

Attacks inside Kusari

Inside Kusari, the pre-occupation of the Kusari Military gave Kusari's unlawful factions free reign over trade and attacks inside Kusari proper. For a time, the GC, Blood Dragons, and Consortium were almost unchallenged, and consistently victorious against even the KNF home guard. Hogosha and KNF forces were routed in a series of skirmishes in Kyushu with Consortium units, or were inflicted disproportionate casualties before the offending ships were destroyed.

However, the Consortium were briefly distracted by the emergence of an organized Nomad Outbreak, and were forced to commit their forces to a military response. In the wake of this, a slight diplomatic breakdown between the GC and Consortium gave some leeway to the Home Defense Forces, allowing them to raise additional forces. As time went on, casualties on both sides began to mount. The GC and Dragons lost many experienced pilots, as did the Kusari Navy and Hogosha.

Surprisingly, the Farmers' Alliance held it's own better then most, fighting even overwhelming and organized Consortium fleet forces to a draw. Late in 817, GC and Blood Dragon forces gradually went into decline, the NovaPG having faded from it's position as the vanguard of Blood Dragon efforts. However, the Rising Suns clan of the Blood Dragons has gradually begun to replace them, boasting superior numbers and more pragmatic leaders. Despite the trouble in the Tau sector, the Rising Sons movement have placed an official announcement stating their interests are strictly in Kusari, and their objectives do not concern the Tau war - for now.

The Consortium has also expanded, despite facing several defeats during a period of heightened activity. The Consortium did, however, respond aggressively and boldly, going as far as to conduct surface raids on Kyushu and Honshu, with the intent to abduct civilians en-masse to bolster their own forces.

Siege of Leeds

The Consortium are now attempting to ratify an open and overt alliance with Bretonia. A break from the previous 'under the table' agreements. This is possibly to create the aura of legitimacy within the Consortium for unknown reasons, and/or consolidate against the seemingly vastly superior Kusari Naval Forces.

In Bretonia itself, repeated Kusari raids, as well as sightings of Ame-Chan, have raised concerns that an invasion of Planet Leeds is imminent. The Bretonian armed forces have raised all available units, and activated Auxiliaries, brought in the Mandalorian Mercenaries, and moved civil defense and police forces to fortify the planet as best as possible. However, no direct attacks have yet been made.

Bretonia has also kept a watchful eye on Harris and Dundee. Kusari's forces have overstretched themselves and their supply lines deep into Bretonia, without dealing with the Bretonian forces still present in those systems. Currently, the conflict exists in a tense stalemate, with each side waiting for the other's next move.