Courville Wreck

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Courville Wreck
Tuteur class Station
Courville Wreck.png
CouncilLogo.png The Council
7B, Champagne
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities None
Population 60

Courville was a Gallic Royal Police installation that was destroyed by offensive Council forces in 802 A.S. Later, in 812 A.S., it was partially repaired by the Council and re-pressured to guard entrance to Champagne system from Burgundy. Several weapon platforms with long-range weaponry were constructed around the station to provide additional protection. Most of the station, however, remains devoid of atmosphere and gravity, as Council representatives claim they have no resources to complete repairs. Some say that the station will not be able to hold for long against a full-scale offensive of Gallic Navy fleets, and in this case Council is planning to sacrifice Courville to buy some time for regrouping its forces near Marne and Reims.

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