Planet Pygar

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Planet Pygar
Planet Pygar.jpg

Owner Zoners
Location 4C, Omicron Theta
Edge Worlds
Technical information
Population unknown
Docking Yes
Terrain Desert
Diameter 4,821 km
Mass 3.17 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -46°C to 34°C
Escape velocity 5.56 km/sec

An arid world scoured clean by constant wind, Planet Pygar possesses a temperate atmosphere, but incredibly powerful storms. During initial surveys, individual sandstorms that lasted for several years and reached top speeds of 805 km/h were observed. Most surface probes were destroyed in a matter of hours but revealed the existence of unnatural rock formations buried beneath the sands. While the planet’s unnaturally expansive cavern systems were enticing for many parties, the inhospitable conditions on the planet’s surface made it impossible to sustain more than just a few research teams on limited budgets.

With the annexation of Planet Gran Canaria by the Crown of Bretonia, however, the Zoners that lived on Gran Canaria found their way of life threatened. Once again confronted with subjects of the rule of a House, they looked to the near Omicrons for a location where they could live as they had in Omega-49. While Pygar would not be as easy to live on as Gran Canaria, the atmosphere is breathable and so many Zoners made their way to Corfu Base with the hopes of settling down on Pygar.

The first Pioneers soon returned to Corfu, bearing news of the Planet’s vast cavern systems, stacked a hive of huge insects beneath the surface. News spread like wildfire in the Zoner community, that there was space for cities and cities already carved beneath the storms. There is a suspicion that the caverns must have been the result of alien industry in the deep past, but extensive exploration of the caverns has yet to find more than traces of interest to Xenoarcheologists. Zoner industrialists have planned extensive settlements for the caverns and have begun to construct expansive agricultural zones around residential blocks scattered throughout the cavern systems. Today, a steady stream of Zoners unwilling to bow to Bretonia’s rule is emigrating from Gran Canaria to Pygar through Corfu Base in the planet’s orbit, and tens of thousands of settlers have made it down to the colony.

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Heavy Fighter
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