Dawson Base

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Dawson Base
Korly class Asteroid Base
Dawson Base.png
RoguesLogo.png Liberty Rogues
5F, Hudson
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Crew 250

Little is known about this shady asteroid base, tucked away in the southeast of the sleepy Hudson system. It was originally constructed in 736 A.S. by the Liberty Rogues who wanted to gain a foothold in the southern Independent Worlds. The base is well hidden by an asteroid field that harbors no valuable resources, and while it is widely suspected that the Rogues have a base in the field, the Liberty and Rheinland navies have not shown much interest in locating it.

Dawson is a relatively small Rogue base, which is more used by smugglers then pirate raiders. Traffic through Hudson was never very dense, with most shippers preferring the faster (but riskier) Bering run. The Liberty/Rheinland war has caused what little traffic remained to completely disappear. Still, Dawson remains an important point of contact for the Rogues and Unioners. Unioner smugglers bringing in Artifacts or Blood Diamonds transfer their cargo at Dawson, after which the Rogues distribute it through Liberty. The Xenos, envious of the profits this brings, often attack these smugglers.

Missions Offered

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