Derek Kerr

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Derek Kerr
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Occupation Officer of the Bretonian Armed Forces
Gender Male
Height 6'4
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Blue
Affiliation Bretonian Armed Forces
Rank Lieutenant
Status Active (819 A.S.)
Born July 34, 799 A.S., Planet Cambridge


Early Life

Born on Planet Cambridge in the year 799 A.S. Derek Kerr was a child of three. His father, Elliot Kerr, was an employee of Bowex (Border World Exports)– one of the largest corporate companies in Bretonia.

Planet Cambridge, Cambridge

His mother, Joan Kerr, was a stay-at-home mother, who did what she could to make sure her children were brought up with good morals and integrity. Another influential figure in Derek's life was his uncle, his fathers older brother, Randal Kerr. A Lieutenant Commander in the Bretonian Armed forces he was always an idol for young Derek. From as little as five, years old, Derek remembers, along with the rest of his family, often visiting his Uncle's gunboat - the HMS Stanfred - while him and his crew were on shore leave.

The Kerr family had a long line of military service in the Bretonian Armed Forces, especially the male side of the family – although his father being one of the few exceptions.

His academic career was started when he was enrolled in Middlesbrough Primary, and eventually Middlesbrough Secondary - both in Cambridge, at the age of five. While in secondary he focused on a variety of subjects the most prominent being: history, physics and Geography. Throughout his years in school Derek worked hard, and although often caught in the odd day dream managed to get past school with respectable grades.

His intentions at that point were in many ways varied. He had a calling for politics and was a boy with the mind set of 'mind over matter'. Had circumstances perhaps been different Derek would most certainly have settled into a life of enraged ministers and arguments. Yet with the war as it was Derek felt a deep sense of patriotism against the plight which the Kusari at that time were. The news reports said it all, refugees flooding into Leeds, Station Glasgow being lost to the Kusari Naval Forces - something had to be done and he knew that it wouldn't be the politicians that would ultimately land this blow.

Although he held an ever growing interest in the dynamics of warfare so to did his curiosity in politics develop. A curiosity, and in some respects a passion, which had be brought on by his father who attempted to educate the boy in matters other than 'mindless violence' as he called it, a view which he enforced due to his fear of the militarys influence on his son. Throughout his late teenage years spent much time with his father who encouraged him to learn as much as he possibly could on Bretonia's economics - in the hope that he might one day move onto working in the house of commons.

In this respect Derek became more acquainted with one of his mothers cousins, Lisa Alden, who was living on Planet New London. Working as a civil servant in the house of commons his brief visits with her were enlightening in many aspects. It not only allowed him an insight into how the world which governed Bretonia was run but also a chance to catch a glimpse of many of the inspirational figures. Although he never saw the most notable member of parliament, the prime minster, in the house of commons he did see him on a few occasions while he deliver speeches to the masses, shaping their hopes and opinions to one constructive to the current agenda. It was events like this which enforced Derek's understanding, and continued study, of 'charisma' as a skill. A skill which he appeared could be a vital weapon if used right.

By the age of fourteen as well as attending public school Derek also spent much his spare time attending the boy's military brigade where he learnt many of his first skills regarding combat and strategy. This along with his occasion trips around Bretonia with his uncle grew his anticipation to join the Bretonian Armed Forces when he finally came of age.

Later Life

By the age of 16 Derek left the brigade and joined the secondary fleet of the Armed Forces – where he could get temporary placements on-board Bretonian capital ships during certain missions. With the variety of skills he had gained from the brigade and the knowledge he learnt for his schooling years Derek was put into the engineering department on his first voyage on a Bretonian Destroyer.

The intention of the voyage was to make its make around the Bretonian borders scouting for possible threats. The Destroyer was also accompanied by a fighter wing, which gave Derek a chance to get some fighter training while the destroyer was undergoing refuelling. The voyage lasted several weeks and by the end of it Derek was returned back to Cambridge where he awaited his next assignment.

HMS Stanfred, On patrol

Derek continued serving on-board capital ships of the secondary fleet for about two years. Near the end of these two years, at the age of seventeen, Derek requested a transfer to a position in the command team up on the bridge. To his luck his request was granted after only a few weeks of waiting he was issued the position of 'sub-lieutenant'.

By the age of eighteen Derek's two year service with the Bretonian Secondary Fleet was complete and he was at ends and odds what too do. For a few months he stayed on Planet Cambridge contemplating what too do with the rest of his life. He was nervous what would happen if he did join the Bretonian fleet. Could he leave if it all went wrong? Would he turn and run at his first true taste of combat? All of these questions buzzed around his head. Along with this his mother, terrified for his safety, urged him to join Border World Exports – hoping he could follow in his fathers footsteps. He decided, at last, to wait for his uncle Randal, who was expected to arrive on Planet Cambridge on shore-leave, his ship was expected in the next three or four weeks. An experienced war veteran of thirty nine Derek was sure he could put his mind to ease on the matter.

The events which followed shocked many family members and left a burning hatred in Derek's heart which could not be silenced. Three days before his uncle's return Derek's family received the news, first by newspaper and later a friend of his uncle, that his uncle's Gunboat, along with two other fighter squadrons had been cut down in an ambush by the Kusari Naval Forces. Although there was no definite conformation of his uncle's death they all knew that those who die on the lines rarely returned.

On the very same day that he received the news, of his uncle's death, Derek enlisted into the Bretonian Armed Forces Academy at the age of eighteen. A gruelling year of pain, sweat and anguish ensued after his initiation into the academy’s ranks. Worked like a dog until every inch of his body ached with pain Derek nearly left the course three times during his year of training, all that kept him going was the eternal anger he felt for his uncles death – and the hope for justice in the future.

A year later he graduated the academy with honours, if somewhat beaten and bruised. The year was quick one, especially with the war going on Bretonia needed every able bodied man and women on the field. Following this momentous occasion Derek stormed into recruitment offices of Cambridge and was promptly enlisted into the ranks as an Ensign at the age of nineteen.

Career In The Armed Forces

Ensign Of The Armed Force

Ensign Clip.jpg

After his initial recruitment in the Armed Forces was given the rank of 'Ensign' - the lowest rank in the Armed Forces. It was during this time that he learnt some of his most essential skills of survival for later life.

Initially Ensign Kerr was issued with a Templar fighter, the standard Bretonian 'all-purpose' utility. The true thing he could class as his own in the military sense. Derek developed a strong attachment to his ship hoping that if he treated her right she might just hold through from him long enough to survive another mission. On the odd occasion this logic may have been slightly flawed however in general she cut through space life a knife and could 'dance' with some of the best of them.

During his first week in the Armed Forces Derek was surprised too be called up in order to help repel a Gallic force which had made its way through into Leeds. He was part of the fighter division sent to intercept the opposing bombers, as well as defending the Bretonian ones. Thankfully the defence of Leeds was successful and Gallic force was repulsed. During these early days Gallic ships were rare and seeing one now caused Derek to have some concerns regarding his own abilities in his Templar. To that end he knew that further practice would be essential if he were to survive.

Operations With the 23rd

To Derek's good fortune he had the luck on a few occasions to carry out some operations with the elite '23rd' division of the Bretonian Armed Forces. The most prominent vessel which he served with of the 23rd was the 'Sommerfield', a Bretonian Gunboat. It was from the captain of this vessel which Derek learnt many of his skills and abilities, not only with his Templar but also with his newly acquired 'Challenger'. Through training simulations the 'Sommerfield' helped refine Derek's skills in combat.

These skills were most useful during an patrol mission with the Sommerfield. The plan was simple, too move through Leeds, jump via the jump hole to Cambridge, do a quick patrol around Cambridge and then return home. However in practice things went 'very' different.

When they jumped through to Cambridge a lone corsairs ship was detected near the Grasmere Ice Cloud. In response Derek and the Sommerfield moved out to investigate. As they approached it became clear that he was not alone. However by this point the two ships were too deep into the field to back out and so could only continue on.

After a brief conversation a fire fight ensued and things looked about even. Yet even as they began to count their graces several other bombers and fighters joined in forcing the Sommerfield and Derek into a much more defensive form. Eventually they realised that the fight was a loosing battle and the Sommerfield order a quick retreat through the jump hole which they had been slowly edging towards. After a good few minutes of combat the Sommerfield was badly beaten and shot through the jump hole intent on gain some new supplies. Derek new however that were he too follow the following ships would tear then apart, so in order to buy his superior officer time to escape Derek engaged the group of corsairs which now amassed to a group of roughly four fighters and a gunboat.

Holding his own Derek was surprised by his ability to dance around the Titans which due to their sluggish performance. Crippling a good few of them Kerr only broke off when an official order by another superior officer (at that time Lieutenant Commander Ree) was given. By this time the Sommerfield was at a safe distance and even with this mild victory Derek felt a great deal of accomplishment. Although no formal decoration was given Derek found out later that he had been aware the CAM in honour of his efforts in that assault.

One of his first and proudest report he had done to this date – this event has always held a great value too him.

Work Under Lieutenant Commander Ree

After his missions with the 23rd as an Ensign Derek met, at that time, Lieutenant Commander Ree. Seeing a spark of talent in the young ensign Lieutenant Commander Ree took Derek under his wing and mentored him in the hopes that he might move up in the ranks, in the most immediate future to the rank of Lieutenant.

Accompanying the Ensign on patrol routes, throughout Bretonia, the Lieutenant commander helped tutor the ensign on the best ways of dealing with, not only combat situations but also many regarding the more diplomatic ways of conduct. Continuing on from his life as an Ensign Derek has always held a great degree of respect for his mentor. Whenever Derek should find himself questioning an aspect of his performance he almost always will be known to turn to, now known as, Commander Ree.

Lieutenant Of The Armed Forces

Lieuentant Tag.png

About half a year on from his initial admission to the Armed Forces Derek was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. With this new promotion Derek now had authority over the younger Ensigns. About week before his promotion Derek had a few last words with the captain of the Sommerfield regarding his possible promotion. Although having concerns over the lose life while men were under the command the Sommerfield's commander reassured him that it was a fear that all leader must learn to deal with at one stage or another.

His time as a Lieutenant was the first time Derek had ever been given a position of command. Doing what he felt was best Derek carried out many successful group operations between himself, ensigns and on occasions even fellow Lieutenants. These ranged from simple patrols, to interceptions of smuggling attempting within Bretonia's systems all the way to escorting transports.

Known Family

Elliot Kerr

Relation: Father

Status: Alive, age 43

Employment: Bowex, Finance Supervisor

Joan Kerr

Relation: Mother

Status: Alive, age - 42

Employment: Unemployed

Randal Kerr

Relation: Uncle

Status: Dead, age of death - 44

Employment: Bretonia Armed Forces, Lieutenant Commander

Sally Kerr

Relation: Grandmother

Status: Dead, and of death - 62

Employment Teacher(English), Middlesbrough Secondary - Retired

Lisa Alden

Relation: Aunt

Status: Alive, age 41

Employment: Civil Servant, Secretary


Lieutenant Derek Kerr, explaining the current war against Gallia to a new ensign:

"During this war we've gained land and we've lost land, we've lost men and we've lost more."

Awards And Titles

CAM - Courageous Action Medal