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Bretonia Core Space
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Planet Leeds
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Soon after settlement, Bretonia needed raw materials, and Leeds was quickly recognized as the most resource rich system under Bretonian control. Companies were formed and given royal charters-near carte blanche-to develop the system in any way they saw fit, while settlers were handed generous incentives to move to Leeds and serve as the workforce.

The vast majority of Leeds space is now occupied by Gallic Royal Navy. Dominance over Planet Leeds itself is still disputed as gallic forces try to put down the remaining resistance there. Being at the forfront of the gallic invasion into Bretonian space; Leeds and it's installations have suffered the brunt of gallic brutality. What few operable satellites that remain are now charred and critically in need of repair. Even several Gallic instillations have been destroyed, such as the Battleship Oubli.

Planet Leeds after the royal siege.

To cease the advance of the gallic invasion force, Bretonian forces severed the link between Leeds and their capital New London shortly after the defeat of the remainder of the Tau fleet. The jump gate to Newcastle was also disconnected and instead the Leeds gate in New London was repurposed to reconnect Newcastle to core space.

After years of occupation the new gallic owners have started to rebuild the infrastrcture, so that Bretonia's economy will not stop after the final victory.

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