Eltmann Moor

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Eltmann Moor
Wurzburg class Station
Eltmann Moor.png
BundschuhLogo.png Bundschuh
B7, Munich
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Crew 210

Eltmann Moor is a Bundschuh base that lies in the southern end of the Schwarzwald Cloud. Constructed in 801 A.S., it is the Bundschuh's first attempt to expand their operations outside of Frankfurt, and the first base they have ever built, after the construction of Bruchsal Base in 718 A.S.

Many of the Bundschuh initially decried the financial expenditure of creating another base, but have since agreed it was for the best, as the memory of nearly having lost their only strongpoint during the Nomad War was still fresh in their minds. The base suffered substantial damage in wake of the Munich Disaster, and several sections of the asteroid remain off-limits to crew and visitors entirely due to their lack of structural integrity.

Despite this, the controversial decision was made to use Eltmann and the cloud as a hiding place for the Exiled Party’s larger ships in absence of an actual drydock to service them. Most of the depot’s crew has some training in ship maintenance, and as such a minor drydock was roughly copied from scraps of schematics taken from past raids on the Alster Shipyard and Oder Shipyard.

While Eltmann is the nearest Bundschuh station to Planet Nuremberg, it is very rarely more than a processing center for emigrating Refugees. Living conditions are austere at best, with nearly the entire asteroid’s internal structure dedicated to transport mintenance or smuggled goods.

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