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Governing House Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Region Rheinland
New Berlin

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Medium Blue

  • TYPE: B2
  • COLOR: Blue
  • MASS: 2.12 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.69 x 10e7 km
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Planet Heidelberg

  • None
  • Hausenfeld
  • Sektor-7
  • Taunusfeld
  • Weisserfeld
  • Westerwald
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The Westerwald cloud is a massive, copper coloured nebula, covering the west side of Frankfurt. Bundschuh and Unioners are prolific within the cloud, launching attacks against the Mainz Storage Facility. Military forays into the cloud have also become more frequent in recent times. The government claims that they are searching for a supposed jump hole, but there are rumours that the government is operating a clandestine base within the cloud. Due to the cloud's utility as a staging ground, the military has instituted measures to keep civilian traffic away from the area. All who enter do so of their own volition and should not expect to find friends within, whether military or otherwise. Proceed at your own risk.

Asteroid Fields



The Hausenfeld's origin is still debated; either a dense collection of rocks split off from the larger Taunusfeld more distant from the star, or split off from the depths of the unexplored Weisserfeld.

Exposed to so much stellar radiation skirting the star's corona, it is believed that the aluminum present within the porous rocks has an effect not unlike that of aluminum foil in a old Sol Microwave oven; a brilliant electric lightshow that manifests itself as luminescent orbs scattered amongst the rocks.

These disturbances harry sensitive electronics used in scanners; easily repaired, but very capable of hiding anything within the small field's confines.


A field of bare rock asteroids, this was once a staging area for military operations during the 80-Years War. The field was later abandoned after Rheinland's bitter defeat at the hands of the Gas Mining Guild (GMG).

The field has long been suspected to be a primary hideout for the terrorist group known as the Bundschuh, and since the end of the Liberty War returning Military pilots have occasionally conducted reconnaissance operations inside. The large numbers of Bundschuh pilots detected suggest they have a major stake in this territory, but Unioners and Corsairs have been encountered as well.

Civilians are advised to keep clear of the field.


The Weisserfeld is a huge field of rock asteroids covering the entire southern outskirts of the Frankfurt system. Due to it's sheer size, the field has not been fully charted. Hessians often launch raids out of the field, attacking both Mannheim and the lane leading to New Berlin.




"Sector Seven" is a high-security zone deep within the Westerwald, sealed by the Rheinland military with quarantine warnings broadcast towards any ships approaching the minefield.

The mines here were laid in a hurry and show irregularities in their distribution. Some gaps are large enough for small vessels to pass through from the outside and the passage to the south is large enough for a whole fleet to pass through within a short space of time. Deeper scans indicate a sensor grid scanning all movement within the minefield. Stationary defences are surprisingly weak, as if the military doesn't expect any intruders to enter the area.

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