Alster Shipyard

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Alster Shipyard
Elbe class Shipyard
Alster Shipyard.png
Flag-rheinland.png Republican Shipping
5E/5F, Hamburg
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 1,040

Constructed by Republican Shipping, the Alster Shipyard specializes in the construction of freight ships and transports. However, the shipyard is more commonly known for its role in the formation of the Unioner movement. After the economic collapse of Rheinland after the 80 year war, Republican was forced to scale back operations on Hamburg and the Alster Shipyard. In an attempt to cut costs, Republican fired hundreds of shipwrights and thousands of laborers on the surface, citing it had no work left for them. In truth, the company was getting rid of any members of the "Alster Union", a laborer rights organisation that had dominated the labor negotiations with Republican for years. The Unioners reacted violently to their expulsion, and began an armed campaign against Republican, which continues to this day.

The Alster shipyard is still in operation. In the years leading up to the Nomad War, the yard was pressed into the construction of smaller military ships. Many of these ships are still in service, and the yard does still see the occasional contract from the Rheinland Military. Most of its jobs are civilian however - the Republican, Kruger and ALG transport fleets are largely maintained at Alster. Attacks by Unioner raiding parties looking to disrupt operations at Alster are frequent, but usually routed quickly by Rheinland Military from Westfalen, and Rheinland Police from Lübeck.

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