Ennibeck Spaceport

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Ennibeck Spaceport
Sanctuary class Station
Ennibeck Spaceport.jpg
DaumannLogo.png Daumann Heavy Construction
3G, Omicron Delta
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 750

Ennibeck Spaceport is a large civilian construction in Omicron Delta administrated by Daumann. While Yaren continues to serve the Core as a military headquarters for both operations in the Delta theater and orbital defense of Nauru, much of Yaren's civilian traffic has been diverted to Ennibeck since its recent completion. Daumann continue to wrestle with the Core over its distant orbital range, having initially been promised a lucrative contract for a base much closer to the desert moon. Midway through its construction the Core reneged on their agreement, citing security concerns and a need for "greater military flexibility within the Nauru orbital sphere," with which a civilian base would interfere. Adamant that their work on the base not result in a net loss, Daumann gave into the Core's demands for secrecy, and the base was relocated to an orbital point of the Tuvalu-Nauru barycenter.

The base has seen no shortage of traffic despite the higher operational costs that come with maintaining the facility further away from Nauru. This is likely due to the very reason Ennibeck was relocated to begin with: the Core's obsession with secrecy and power. Whatever the reason, Ennibeck Spaceport has not proven to be as great a financial loss for Daumann as originally predicted. Many traders in the deep Omicrons prefer the station to the anarchy of Freeport Eleven, and a significant portion of Nauru's Iridium now bypasses Yaren in favor of Ennibeck entirely. Perhaps more interestingly, Rheinland's intelligence forces seem to have taken to using the base as an operational hub within the Omicrons. Unmarked Wraiths and Oder gunships come and go as they please, though they make themselves discrete and do not interact with the base's civilian elements, an antithesis to the Core's invasiveness of human privacy."

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Heavy Miner
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