Ernst Neurath

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Ernst Neurath
Ernst neurath.jpg
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Affiliation Red Hessians
Rank Oberst
Born 17th August 783 A.S.
Planet New Berlin

Ernst Neurath is a high ranking officer in the Red Hessian Army, known for his affiliation with various underground activities on New Berlin before being caught and imprisoned. After his successful escape, he enlisted in Red Hessian Army and is currently operating under direct command of Brigadegeneral Kaspar Meisnerr.


Early life is somewhat shady but various records exist in Rheinland Federal Police archives about criminal acitivity on Planet New Berlin, including planetary smuggling of illegal arms, bribery and extortion of key government figures and numerous acts of document forgery and money counterfeiting. His suspicious political involvement against government was investigated but never proved at this stage.

During his attempt to board and hijack military transport under false identity, Neurath was captured and sent on Daumann penal mining unit in Dresden with cooperation of New Berlin Police. Because of his vast underground connections, his imprisonement on New Berlin was seen as unsafe. Three years spent on most dangerous mining platforms around Leipzig Station was to be invaluable experience of mining mechanics and notorius corporate control. Last known records of penal mining unit Neurath served on shows unknown breaking into security systems and immediate attack on installations by unknown, but presumably Red Hessian bomber squadron. No evidence was found by the government that he was responsible for destruction of this penal mining unit.

Involvement in the Red Hessians

After his escape to Vogtland Base, his experience in obstructing and bypassing corporate and government security systems was recognized by high ranking officers and so he was enlisted into newly formed fighter wing for further training in combat tactics. Neurath embraced Red Hessian ideology and methods of overthrowing 'steel grip' of all-present governmental control. Escaping death on few patrols made him even more determined although it lead to severe physical injuries caused by one of Rheinwehr ambushes. His right fist is now fully prosthetic.

Hammering the nails of Volkrevolution

War has changed him personally. As he abandoned his criminal career, he used his previous informations on production and distribution of Rheinland military technology to coordinate guerilla attacks on government convoys loaded with Military Vehicles. Due to insights on this deep-rooted war profiteering of Rheinland high-ranked officers and industrial elites, he became convinced in necessity of total ban of Military Vehicles export from Rheinland as a retaliation for uncompromising ban of Blood Diamonds trade conducted by those same elites.

Few of Hessian high-ranked officers questioned his hard-line tactics as they feared that those may lead to strenghtening of his own personal power in the military black-market but these voices of discontent are getting quieter as the vast government military equipment is getting stockpiled in Hessian bases all over Omegas.

Rumour says that he's also using his former connections in the underground to advocate Hessian influence among independant underground weapon dealers, but nothing has yet been proven by the government although it is suspected.

Current affairs

Although Neurath is currently working on several major projects for further accomplishment of Volkrevolution goals and is often seen in Rheinland and Omegas, due to a network of unknown Hessian bases deep into Omegas, his exact plans and whereabouts remain somewhat shrouded in mystery.

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