Eva Cortez

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Eva Cortez
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Affiliation Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Rank civilian
Born February 23 800 A.S.
Died Still alive


Not much is known about Eva's origin, in 801 A.S. the Heraklion, a Corsair Cruiser in command of the Hispania Armored Forces, intercepted a Red Hessian fleet. Since the Corsair fleet was in the advantage they managed to destroy the hostile fleet in no time. The Heraklion picked up one survivor, the only survivor. A Red Hessian 1 year old girl, she had a broken pendant around her neck with the name "Eva" on it. At that moment Commander Cortez decided to adopt the girl and raise her as a Corsair.

814 to 817 A.S.

During a mission in Outcast space, the Heraklion picked up an escape pod, inside was a young man. After he was moved to medical they found out his name was Adam. An orphan raised on Planet Manhattan, but he's roots lay on Planet Malta. It was Adam's choice to stay aboard the Heraklion with the commanders permission. 3 years later, in 817 A.S. Adam was promoted to the position of gunner control, Eva was radio operator at that time. During a routine patrol the Heraklion was attacked by Nomads, as a result of the attack commander Cortez died. Using his last breath to name Adam commander of the ship.

In 817 A.S. the Heraklion was destroyed during a battle in Omega 41 and Adam was promoted to a Dreadnought with Eva as his Lieutenant.


In 818 A.S. the Red Hessian Army found out about Eva's location and abducted her. She was rescued by a group of Corsairs who volunteered to find her.


On February 15 818 A.S. Adam received a message from his foster father, telling his foster mother died. In order to honour her last wish, Adam returned to Manhattan. Kate who dreamed of going home for a long time now joined him on his travel. Since Eva didn't want to be left behind, she followed them as well. They travelled to Planet Gran Canaria|Gran Canaria]] and bought 3 tickets for a Luxury Liner to Manhattan. Past midnight the ship was attacked and destroyed by pirates, no sign of Adam, Eva or Kate was found, neither where their bodies.

The return

One month after the destruction of the liner, Eva started her flight back to Crete. She had to hide somewhere in Bretonia until she had a clear passage to the Omicrons. One month without any company almost made her go insane.