Felix Fontaine

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Felix Fontaine
Felix Fontaine.jpeg
A painting of Felix Fontaine, 816 A.S.
Origin Flag-gallia.png Gallia
Occupation Independent Pirate
Gender Male
Affiliation Independent
Born 23rd October 792 A.S.

Felix Fontaine is an independent pirate operating from Barrier Gate Station in Coronado despite his Gallic origins.


Family background

The Fontaine family was once an aristocratic family. Despite the weaker of the aristocratic families, they are famous for their philanthropy and willingness to help the weak and the poor. Prior to the Second Gallic War, they had ties with Gallic nobility and small shares in large firms such as IDF Shipping. They had a relatively large estate in the hills of Planet Orleans and enjoyed respect deserving of an aristocratic family.

All that changed after poor mistakes made by the head of the family at that time, Alphonse Fontaine, during the 2nd Gallic War. Alphonse Fontaine followed the Fontaine family's ideals of "helping the people" and in turn, supported the Council during The Marne Uprising, providing financial support for the Council and effectively committing high treason to the King.

When the royalists found out about Alphonse and his financial aid to the Council, a death sentence was immediately placed on the entire family. The Fontaine family has lost all standing as an aristocratic family and all respect from the royalists. The Fontaine family fled the Fontaine residence on Planet Orleans and escaped with the help of Gallic Brigands aiding the Council. Stripped off title, wealth and name, the Fontaine family resided in the overcrowded Salbris Base for a few years before escaping to Roussillon to work with the Council.

Individual background

Felix Fontaine, was a bit of a maverick when it came to "living the Gallic life". Normally, any aristocratic young boy will spend his time in the study or library of his home. Felix however, decided that spending his time playing flight simulators was more enjoyable. "Focus on your studies" they said, "We can hire a chauffeur" they said, Felix would have none of it. He took more of an interest in learning fencing and blaster practice than he ever did in books or studies.

Bitter from how Gallia has betrayed him and his family, he fled the Fontaine residence on Planet Orleans. But he soon found a home away from home in Salbris Base making friends with the locals. Never once did his elders condone his actions of hanging around drug dealers, pirates and mercenaries, but where his elders saw danger, he saw friends. He made friends with the local Brigands, he liked them and they liked him. Soon, he was learning the tricks of the trade, from underground information networks, to piracy, to pickpocketing. By the time he turned 25, he had knowledge on every single illicit trade that goes through the Gallic Brigands.

Naturally, this generated some friction with his family. The once aristocratic Fontaine family, pirating and pickpocketing, earning a living through illicit means. That was as far as a noble family could sink. Felix ignored this, he believes that he isn't some simple pirate, he was a freedom fighter. Fighting against the royalists that have tarnished the Fontaine family name. His elders, unable to shake him, left him to his own devices. After fleeing to the Roussillon system, they left young Felix in the care of the Gallic Brigands.

He spent his time flying with the Brigands, earning his keep through the piracy of convoys heading to the Gallic front lines. It was there he got his first true piracy ship, the "Spectre", an Eclipse Bomber.

As of late, due to the war with Bretonia, Gallic convoys have been increasingly well defended. A major put-off for Felix who prefers easy prey with minimal risk. A good friend of his, a certain Joseph Dupont, gave him a tip-off for easy prey in central Sirius. He even did him the liberty of arranging for accommodations on Barrier Gate Station. Felix took up on his offer and left for Sirius after arranging fake papers and hooking up as an escort with a certain GRN convoy that was to defect to the Council. In Tau-29, Felix left the convoy for Baffin while the convoy changed course to the Roussillon system.

After arriving on Barrier Gate Station, Felix spent his time digging up information on the local criminal underground. He forged ties with the local Liberty Rogues, recognizing them as the centre and dominant criminal force in Liberty. Local talk in the bar pointed his curiosity in the direction of cloaking devices. Curious about Sirian technology being supposedly inferior yet being able to create a device that inevitably failed in past Gallic attempts, he strove to locate and purchase a cloaking device of his own. His search pointed him in the direction of Kusari, where he was able to obtain a light cloaking device for his ship. Noting that his cloaking device contains material of non-human origin, he got interested in the idea that Sirius may house more than just mankind alone.

Current Status

Currently, he spends his time on Barrier Gate Station or roaming around Liberty, searching for a possible piracy victim to expand his bank account, still flying his old Eclipse bomber equipped with a newly fitted cloaking device.


Felix Fontaine behaves like any "Gallic gentleman" would. Sophisticated stature and taste, speaks with great respect and is a respectable man in all aspects. However, his piracy operations are far from "gentlemanly". Preying on weaker, less well defended targets and high-tailing it the minute he gets into trouble. His behaviour in the cockpit is more of that of a cowardly, moral-less, petty thief.


Through his stay with the Brigands on Salbris Base, he picked up many "less than legitimate" skills that contribute to his work in the Gallic underground. He is a good pickpocket, learned the skill stealing wallets of drunkards in the bar. He has a large information network and has good connections to most illicit trade in Gallia, having made many friends in the Gallic underground during his time. Having practiced since young, he is also well versed in swordplay. The wooden stick he carries around is specially crafted to hide an iridium blade which he uses with deadly precision.