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Governing House Gallic Royal Enclave
Region Border Worlds

Tau 115 or 'Roussillon' is a recently occupied system by the Gallic liberalist group The Council. After suffering a crushing defeat in Languedoc to the Gallic Royal Navy, they soon lost one of their most tactically advantagous positions in Gallic space; Planet Quillan. With the horde of King Charles XI navy between the remains of the council's southern fleet and their safe haven in Champagne, they were forced to retreat to Montpellier Guard Station and without reinforcements were soon forced to retreat out of Gallic space to Orkney. The poorly defended station Reunion was soon to fall in line and The Council's southern fleet was left exiled and wandering throughout the Tau systems, attempting to rally the dispersed and lost to the remains of the capital fleet.

With Languedoc lost and the path to Gallia resealed, The Council's southern fleet turned to their allies made during their occupation of the passage. The Independent Miners Guild was soon to step up and offer a place for The Council fleet to make birth at a recently charted planet they had found way to in recent years. The jump hole to the new system had only recently opened and offered a perfect location for the lost faction to recouperate and rethink a strategy to tackle the Gallic threat. The Council fleet flocked to the new world, naming it Planet Toulouse after a place long lost to their culture a thousand years ago.

The crippled gallic fleet has since recovered from their losses, and Roussillon now stands as a fortress homeworld of the presumed lost southern fleet. The Council have learnt from mistakes made and now look to change the tactics of their approach. Adapting the template of their tactics in Champagne of concentrated control; they have taken their time to build numerous stations, form valuable alliances, deploy various militaristic measures and more. The hope of The Council's southern fleet now is to improve local relations and gather as much support to punch through the royalist lines in Orkney and push their assualt back to the core worlds before they execute their plans for invasion.

After the Battleship Montmorency invaded the system Toulouse was destroyed. Today the Enclave holds the desert system.

System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Medium Red

  • TYPE: K3
  • COLOR: Red
  • MASS: 1.87 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.48 x 10e7 km
Le Soler.png
Le Soler
Planet Argeles.png
Planet Argeles
Planet Elne.png
Planet Elne
Planet Foix.png
Planet Foix
Planet Prades.png
Planet Prades
Planet Toulouse.png
Planet Toulouse


  • None
  • Agout Asteroid Field
  • Ariege Nebula
  • Tarn Ice Field
  • Tet Ice Asteroid Field
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System Map

Areas of Interest


Ariege Nebula

The Ariege Nebula is a cluster of dense particulates, primarily hydrogen and is thought to be a nodule of the Hebrides Nebula so prominent in the skies of Bretonia.

The presence of the Ariege in Roussillon, and Roussillon's distance from the Barrier Nebulae have led cartographers and astronomers to argue that Roussillon should not be categorized as part of Tau. The new cluster would be called Lambda.

Asteroid Fields

Agout Asteroid Field

When the Council, Brigand and Maquis forces first arrived in Roussillon, this asteroid field was the first obstacle they encountered. Frozen pockets of oxygen were quickly marked a navigational hazard. However, as the construction of several space stations and settlement of Toulouse began, that same field became a valuable local source of oxygen, which was scarce in the system due to the toxicity of Toulouse's atmosphere.

Tarn Ice Field

The Tarn Ice Field is a cloud of asteroids captured from the Barrier Nebula as the Rousillion system passed through the nebula's reaches long ago. The field is composed of particularly dirty bodies of frozen water, which the cost of refining has made any mining of the field to be prohibitively expensive when compared to other sources. Until recently it was notable due to council traffic plying the route from Rousillion to Tau, but the recent instability that collapsed the Tau-29 hole has left the expanse of the Tarn with little to offer.

Tet Ice Asteroid Field

Tet is a remote field of ice asteroids that concentrate around Tarascon, a moon on the far orbit of Planet Argeles.


Le Boulou Wreck

Le Boulou was a joint operation between the IMG and the Council meant to defend the System against incursions from the Edinburgh Jump Hole, where the IMG constructed the Habitat Complex and the Council provided military armor and weaponry. Even though the Station was fully operational by the time of the invasion in 741 AGS, Le Boulou was never expected to have to hold off such a large force. The Montmorency Battlegroup was able to deploy Bomber wings to neutralize its defenses and move into the resulting blind spots where the Station lacked sufficent firing solutions to deter the Royalist Warships. Le Boulou was reduced to ruin without being able to so much as fire a shot and all lives aboard were lost in the bombardement.

The Wreck of Le Boulou Outpost

Jump Gates/Holes

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