Foster Base

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Foster Base
Fairview class Station
Foster Base.jpg
3F, Kepler
Technical Data
Gravity No
Docking bays No
Amenities No
Population 12

Built after excessive security arrangement with Ageira Technologies had been made, Deep Space Engineering intended Foster Base to be a small outpost tasked with the recovery of the derelict trade lane rings in Kepler. With Ageira having a vested interest that their technology would not fall into the wrong hands, the company delegated a security wing to the station as well which inevitably painted a crosshair onto the hull of the station. It is not quite known why Foster Base was abandoned in the first place, but it is rumored that the Lane Hackers had their hand in that, although the anomaly underneath the station might also have caused the sudden exodus.

Found and repressurized by Junkers, Foster Base was haphazardly repaired and now serves as the home for a small population that wishes to stay outside of the houses. As such, it developed to be on the more shady side of Junker bases, with smugglers and other criminals seeking refuge here if the law enforcement of Kusari of Liberty catches on to them. The Lane Hackers have a small but steady income from these people who wish to have their name cleared or assume new identities. Foster Base is far from idyllic however, as the Xenos also have a firm presence within the system and regard the Junkers as little more than filthy lowlives.

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Light Fighter
Very Heavy Fighter
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