Fourchambault Shipyard

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Fourchambault Shipyard
La Mole class shipyard
Fourchambault Shipyard.jpg
Gallic Royal Navy
C5, Dauphine
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 890

Fourchambault was built in 591 A.G.S., initially as a small ship building facility. Fourchambault was expanded several times due to the raging war against The Council, with the largest renovation occurring after Dauphine was fully recaptured. It is now one of the largest Gallic Royal Navy installations in existence.

Currently, it has two standard berths, one extra large berth, and four independent strikecraft manufacturing facilities. As such, this shipyard is equipped to service ships of any size, from Tournez to Valor. Even with it's large operating capacity, the Sirian campaign continues to stretch Fourchambault to new limits. Designed to house no more than 750 people, it is overcrowded and work conditions are unsafe, verging on hazardous.

Missions Offered

No missions offered here

Bribes Offered