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Dauphine System

Dauphine is the site of many battles in the Second Gallic War, and currently the staging ground for the Gallic Royal Navy as they prepare to drive Council out of Languedoc. The system is currently in the state between large engagements, and tentative traffic can be seen going from Gap Station to Burgundy- but within the year the Gallic Royal Navy plans to destroy Council's southern segment, and Dauphine will surely be the site of many more battles before the war is over.

System Navmaps

System Overview

Local factions
Planet La Mure.jpg
La Mure
Les Abrels.jpg
Les Abrels
Planet Drome.jpg
Planet Drome
Planet Durance.jpg
Planet Durance
Planet Vienne.jpg
Planet Vienne
Planet Villefontaine.jpg

None known

Areas of Interest


Isere Dust Field

A cloud of space dust in a remote region of Dauphine system.

Clelles Nebula

A medium-sized nebula mainly comprized of ice crystals and inert gases.

Voiron Dust Field

A relatively large cloud of space dust known for extremely high pirate activity that Gallic Police is unable to hold under control.

Asteroid Fields

Nyons Asteroid Field

A desolate field of rock asteroids on the outskirts of Dauphine system.

Clelles Asteroid Field

A field of ice asteroids located inside a nebula bearing the same name.

Artificial Formations

Bourgon-Jallieu Debris Field

A small field of debris remaining after destruction of Bourgon-Jallieu.

Bourgon-Jallieu Wreck

The site of what used to be Bourgon-Jallieu Station until it was destroyed by Council after a failed attempt to capture it during the Second Gallic War. The area around the Trade Lane juncture is filled with pieces of the station that were blown off or have since come loose, but enough of the station remains intact to remind travelers of the damage caused by the war.

Privas Planetary Cluster

A one-of-a-kind phenomenon found only in the Dauphine system, Privas is a set of four gas giants in perfect orbit around a smaller planetoid in the center. Common explanations for how the gas giants remain in orbit without merging together range from "dark energy" to "magic", but the most widely accepted scientific theory is one of a series of magnets inside the planets that both keeps the gas giants from merging and keeps them spinning around the central planetoid at equal distance. Expeditions down to the central planetoid have been unsuccessful so far, as the strong forces between the planets tear apart any ship attempting to slip in between them.

Jump Gates/Holes

Notable Events

The Battle of the Gap

See the section in the Second Gallic War for details.

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