Freistadt Base

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Freistadt Base
Cochrane class station
Freistadt Base.jpg
Independent Miners Guild
5D, Omega-7
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 380

Freistadt Base is run by the Independent Mining Guild to provide support for the mining of Copper, Cobalt, and Silver from nearby asteroid fields. Originally a DSE waystation left over from the construction of the Omega-7 Trade Lane, it was reoccupied by unemployed miners in the wake of the economic collapse of Rheinland after the 80-year war. These miners joined with the Independent Miners Guild not long after the discovery of abundant mineral deposits in the surrounding asteroid fields.

Recently, Rheinland has built Elbe Station to keep an eye on Freistadt and its surroundings, suspecting IMG support of the Hessian movement. Protests by the IMG, citing the presence of a Military station would needlessly endanger the station, have fallen on deaf ears in Rheinland.

Missions Offered

No missions offered here

Bribes Offered




Dsy miner lf.png
Light Miner
Dsy miner vhf.png
Heavy Miner
Dsy miner shf.png
Heavy Fighter