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This is an NPC faction. For the affiliated player faction, see Deep Space Engineering (player faction). For the rules for this particular faction, see Deep Space Engineering ID.

Deep Space Engineering
Origin Flag-liberty.png Republic of Liberty
Alignment Corporation
Date of founding 51 A.S.
Founder(s) Merger of several companies
Base of operations Planet Pittsburgh, New York
Primary role
Assembling trade lanes and jump gates
Secondary role
Ship and station construction

Industrial components manufacturing


Deep Space Engineering (often abbreviated as DSE) is the brawn of Liberty industry. DSE constructs space stations, both civilian and military ships, the processing facilities, and -- most importantly -- the Jump Gates and Trade Lanes under special and exclusive contract from Ageira technologies. All gate and lane construction is done under close inspection of an Ageira supervisor, and all key components are delivered as "White Boxes" that are simply plugged in at the appropriate places. These black box components are constructed to defeat scanning attempts, and will self-destruct if any attempt is made to open them.

DSE convoys can be found traveling through the four Houses, but are most commonly seen in Liberty space. Their Heavy Lifter ships are almost always seen around Liberty space stations. If there is heavy construction to be done, DSE will be there.


51 A.S. - Deep Space Engineering is formed from several Manhattan construction companies.

51 A.S. - Deep Space Engineering is awarded a contract to build the Baltimore Shipyards.

58 A.S. - Deep Space Engineering completes the Baltimore Shipyards and begins building larger ships using the Ageira engines for colonization.

65 A.S. - Deep Space Engineering establishes a Boron processing plant on Planet Houston, thus colonizing it.

126 A.S. - Deep Space Engineering is awarded the contract to build a research facility in the Texas system for Ageira Technologies company.

128 A.S. - Deep Space Engineering completes construction of the Dallas, an enormous research and manufacturing facility in the Texas system.

142 A.S. - Deep Space Engineering is awarded the contract to purify the water on Planet Los Angeles, so turning Planet L.A. into the food basket of Liberty. This is done by bombarding the planet with Ice Asteroids. Bombardment begins three years later.

180 A.S. - The full scale jump gate test is a success. DSE and Ageira go into a partnership to mass produce them can start within five years.

185 A.S. - Universal Shipping is awarded the shipping contract to move jump gate parts from Ageira to the construction sites where DSE assembles them.

189 A.S. - The first Jump Gates were constructed by DSE, in partnership with Ageira Technologies, linking the New York and Colorado systems.

202 A.S. - Jump gate linking New York and Texas are completed.

207 A.S. - Jump gate from New York to California is opened.

218 A.S. - Ageira and DSE form a partnership and fund a new company to stimulate jump gate construction in other Houses. This new company is named Interspace Commerce.

300 A.S. - Ageira Technologies unveils the trade lane engine. DSE starts building trade lanes throughout Liberty Space.

500 A.S. - The Texas Incident occurs.

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