Gap Station

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Gap Station
La Hire class Station
Gap Station.jpg
Flag-gallia.png Gallic Royal Police
5E, Dauphine
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 850

An installation orbiting Planet Drome, Gap is most known for a fierce battle fought on the station's decks by the Council's marines and Gallic Army space detachment in 809 A.S. The battle ended in favour of the Army, but no less than 400 men and women were killed in action from both sides, with almost half a hundred missing, possibly blown away into open space. In the chaos that followed, no one had a single chance to search for the bodies: after losing the station, the Council moved heavy warships to the station attempted to blast the airlocks open to depressurise the station. This act was one of the few cases when the Council openly attacked a civilian target. A relief fleet led by the Guillestre arrived to drive the attackers away from the station, but the station was crippled - all docking ports and auxiliary airlocks were destroyed. Only the efforts of the station engineers saved it. By sealing the inner airlock doors and welding them shut, they saved the civilian population on the station from suffocating. The Royal Navy Soldiers guarding the airlocks all perished.

The Council tries to avoid discussing this subject whenever possible. If Council representatives are directly asked about what happened in Gap, they claim that the warships opened fire by mistake, and that officers who incorrectly interpreted orders of the Council commanders were severely punished. What their actual orders were however, remains unknown.

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Very Heavy Fighter
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