High Peak Villa

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High Peak Villa
Core Modern Villa Base
Jack Aubrey
High Peak Mountains, Planet Gran Canaria
Technical Data
Gravity unknown
Docking bays Restricted
Amenities Yes
Crew 24

Located in one of the most interesting places on Planet Gran Canaria, in the High Peak Mountains, at less than thirty minutes of distance from Port Jackson, the High Peak Villa, also called the Aubrey's Mannor, is one of the few examples of modern architetcture present on Planet Gran Canaria. The complex is estimated to be worth over five and a half billion credits.

The villa was constructed by one of Kusari most influent architects, Lee Hong, known for building the Hong Kong Villa on Planet Honshu for the Kusari emperor Jien Kogen. The construction team was formed by a group of rheinlander, kusarian, and libertonian masons, working on the project for more than three years, from 815 A.S to 818 A.S. The whole complex extends on a four leveled building, with two levels located above the ground, and the other two underneath. The main level, houses the personal quarters of Jack Aubrey, and several other guest rooms if they desire to lodge at the Villa for the night. The second level is a large room in which several pieces of art were mounted in. The room is divided in west wing, having a dinner saloon, and the east wing, having several other recreational rooms. The third level of the Villa is garrisoned by a group of Bretonia Armed Forces guardsmen, the third level is divided into a docking area, private and public, a storage area, a service kitchen, recreational thermal baths and other commodities. The fourth and final level is known to be a vault, but what it contains is a mistery. Only Jack Aubrey is known to access that vault. Several rumors has that the underground vault is holding several Sol relics, and the most interesting one is that the vault contains the head of the Statue of Liberty.

The entrance to the villa, by land, is surrounded by a large pine forest, while the entrance to the docking bays is hidden in the water falls underneath the Villa. Several automated defense turrets are guarding this specific entrance, the guards advise civlian vessels to stay away from the docking bays if they do not have the necessary authorization to land.

The Villa is known to be supplied by a small subsidiary of Border World Exports, and the Villa is known to be guarded by several Bretonia Armed Forces guardsmen, courtesy of the Bretonia Armed Forces Admirality.