Ithaca Base

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Ithaca Base
Spire class Asteroid Base
Ithaca Base.jpg
Independent Pirates
6H, Omega-7
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 110

Ithaca Base was originally established by the Reapers of Sirius in order to curb the considerable Red Hessian presence in the region. Located deep in the Walker Nebula it remained hidden from the frequent patrols of Omega-7 and allowed them to extend their reach into the upper Omega Regions and Rheinland nearby.

Ithaca also served as a 'fallback' facility for the Reapers should Cayman ever be lost to them, as such Ithaca was constantly being upgraded and well maintained in preparation should the worst come to pass.

Unfortunately for the Reapers, the worst happened before Ithaca became capable of supporting larger amounts of people. With the group shattered by infighting over leadership and the resulting loss of Cayman, the remaining Reapers of Ithaca were isolated. Having few options available to them the vast majority chose to abandon their former ways and instead turned to piracy in order to survive. Over a short period of time, Ithaca’s purpose was warped from a holdout bunker into a well-hidden Pirate hideout serving a new, desperate way of life.

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Light Fighter
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Heavy Fighter
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Very Heavy Fighter