Julia Wolfe

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Julia Wolfe
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation Liberty Security Force Command Directorate
Affiliation Liberty Lawful
Rank Associate Director
Born July 13 790 A.S., Freeport 9 (Age 28)


Early Life

Julia was born on Freeport 9 while her father was taking on supplies. She grew up on a transport ship with her parents and her younger sister Anna. Her father was a passenger freighter pilot, he mainly ferried scientists to various research stations around Sirius. It was low pay and the upkeep of the ship was expensive, but there was always food on the table. When her parents returned to their home Planet Los Angeles to retire, she got her inheritance and bought a battered old Eagle. Julia became a freelance Bounty Hunter, this is where her life changed.

After various successful small bounties, she took up a high bounty on a criminal operating near her "home" in Omicron Theta, it was a Corsair. He was a coward and also had a lot of friends. Julia got shot up and barely managed to escape to the protection of Freeport 9, her vessel was badly damaged.

Life as a Freighter Captain

Julia had enough money from various bounties to get a small transport vessel, (The Clarion's Call) it only needed a crew of 5-10 people, but now low on funds Julia operated with a skeleton crew. All of them had a story to tell and accepted her low pay... for the moment at least.

Tension was high on the Clarion's Call. The low pay was becoming frustrating for the crew, they wanted more. The countless losses from pirates was also taking its toll on Julia, she couldn't afford to keep this wreck running. She had to do something and fast.

An Important Decision

Julia got an encoded transmission from the Liberty Security Force, they wanted her to work in secret, gathering intelligence and assisting Liberty Forces against piracy and law breakers. Given her bounty hunting background she didn't want to pass up this opportunity.

She abandoned the crew and handed over command to her trusted second in command Jaine Walker. Julia still owns the Clarion's Call and receives a cut of the profits. But the crew don't like it and are trying to buy the ship from her. Julia has refused every offer made, she needs the extra income.

Due to her upbringing and experiences in life, she has had to toughen up and this made her quite feisty and takes her job very seriously. Julia comes across as cold and cunning, always plotting. She was perfect for the LSF and her superiors knew this.

Climbing the Ladder

A long time had passed and life as an agent was proving to be a wise choice. She got a call from the Director that a new head of the Special Operations Division was open and he wanted her for the job. Julia accepted straight away and got down to work. It was long hours and hard work but her competence was paying off. She led many incursions into Nomad space and gained intelligence for the Liberty Navy about Rheinland.

A Deputy Retires

With the retirement of Deputy Director Carpenter and the promotion of Associate Director Deus to Deputy. This left an opening within the command directorate. Director Copperfield needed a replacement that could command and had the respect of their peers. Julia was this person. She is currently the main spokesperson for the agency and manages the Liberty Security Force on a day to day basis. Her feisty attitude towards other leaders in Liberty organizations has rattled a few cages, but she cares little for petty politics and diplomacy.

Personality Traits

Julia is a confident young woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Her hands on approach to situations has led to many confrontations with certain Liberty Navy Officers. She takes her job and role very seriously and hates anyone or anything that interferes with it. She also doesn't trust anyone.