Liberty Security Force (player faction)

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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Liberty Security Force

Liberty Security Force
LSF Emblem.png
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Alignment Lawful
Date of founding 802 A.S.
Founder(s) Brian Copeland
Current leader(s) Elijah Brand
Base of operations CLASSIFIED
Primary role
Protecting Liberty with independent covert and overt action
Secondary role
Top Secret
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The Liberty Security Force (=LSF=) is the intelligence branch of the Republic of Liberty. Formed in 528 A.S. by the Order of Cincinnatus, the goal of the Liberty Security Force was that of a dedicated intelligence agency. After the Nomad War of 800 A.S. - 801 A.S., as well as the complete infection of the Order of Cincinnatus and the almost complete takeover of Liberty herself, the organisation was reformed, introducing many anti-nomad procedures which helped to purge infected agents from their ranks. The Liberty Security Force's main objective is to ensure the safety and security of their parent house, Liberty. Agents often operate in complete secrecy, gathering data from around Sirius to ensure the free flow of goods and people into and out of Liberty.


Mission Statement

To accomplish what others cannot and go where others cannot. The Liberty Security Force carry out their mission by:

  • Providing timely analysis that provides insight, warning and opportunity to the President and decision-makers charged with protecting and advancing Liberty's interests in house and abroad.
  • Conducting covert action with or without the direction of the President to pre-empt threats to or achieve Liberty's policy objectives.
  • Carrying out our mission by collecting information that reveals the plans, intentions and capabilities of our adversaries and provides the basis for decision and action.
  • Any means necessary.

Brief History Timeline

  • 528 AS, The Order of Ciccinatus creates the LSF to watch over Liberties interests in Sirius.
  • 800 AS, Freeport 7 is attacked, the infected LSF accuses the Order to try and further their goals in taking over Liberty. The Nomad War begins. LSF agent Jun'ko Zane and Freelancer Edison Trent aid the Order and defeat the Nomad threat. Infected members of the LSF are hunted down and eliminated.
  • 811 AS, Relations between the Order and the LSF are at breaking point over the theft of the Osiris schematics, a phoney war ensues. Brian Copeland is appointed Director of the LSF. New command structure in place.
  • 817 AS, Copeland retires and Powell appoints David Copperfield as Director. Further mistrust of the Order leads to recon missions into their space. Diplomatic relations with Rheinland break down completely, war is declared. LSF send in scout ships to investigate fleet strengths and weaknesses.
  • 818 AS, The position of Chief of Operations is integrated into the Directorate structure. The Department of Tactical Operations is created with the aim of broadening the operations beyond the borders of the Republic. The Silver Wing is created. David Copperfield retires, Anna Brown is appointed as the Director of the LSF.
  • 819 AS, After a series of different directors taking control for short periods of time, Elijah Brand is selected as the new Executive Director of the LSF.


The Command Directorate

Command Directorate.png

This system was originally called the High Command and was introduced under former Director Brian Copeland. The newer system, called the Command Directorate, kept certain aspects of the older system. It was comprised of three members, the Director, Deputy Director and the Associate Director. The position of the Chief of Operations was added later, when the Department of Homeland Security was temporarily frozen. With the instatement of Joseph Dawson as the new Director the position of Chief of Operations was abolished. Further reforms took place under Dir. Dawson's watch which removed the positions of Deputy and Associate Director, replacing them with a command directorate comprised of the department Directors and the Dxecutive Director

  • Executive Director serves as the head of the Liberty Security Force and is nominated by the President. The Executive Director manages the operations, personnel and budget of the LSF. The current Executive Director of the Liberty Security Force is Elijah Brand (who was conferred to the rank of Colonel upon being assigned to this position by Former Director Dawson).
  • Directors of Departments lead one of the four Departments of the LSF. They organise the operations of their respective Departments and respond to the Executive Director. Together they form the LSF Directorate.
  • Advisers are seasoned LSF agents who have been working for the Agency for a while and may have occupied a position of power in the past. As the title suggests, they provide suggestions to the current members of the LSF Directorate, as well as operate on their own, when necessary. These agents are respected, and their opinions are usually considered.

The Command Directorate came to be, as the Directors were burdened by more and more duties. It allows duty delegation and isolation, making the system more efficient as well as more impenetrable.

The Director

Joseph Dawson became the new Director of the LSF in October 817 A.S., succeeding Brian Copeland, David Copperfield, Anna Brown and Johny Leroy. Unlike the previous Directors, Joseph has proven to be a reclusive man, rarely (if ever) making public comments or giving interviews. Only a few agents of the Liberty Security Force have actually seen the new Director in person, as he was assigned from the outside. Nevertheless, he began carrying out reforms within the Force shortly after he was assigned.

In late 818 A.S., Elijah Brand was selected to succeed Joseph Dawson as the new Director of the LSF.

Department Directors

The Current Department Directors are Adrienne Perry, Director of Tactical Operations, Jason Booth, Director of Homeland Security, Martin Welch, Director of Research, Development and Analysis and Randy Roden, Director of Internal Affairs.

Department of Tactical Operations


The Tactical Operations Department (TacOps) was initially created with the aim of taking the performing of special operations beyond the border of the Republic on a new level. The agents of both the Special Operations Division (which was replaced by the TacOps) and the Department of Homeland Security formed that Department. Due to a change in the way the operations were done, the role of the DHS within the Liberty Core systems became less active and thus the DHS activities were temporarily frozen in order to divert the resources to TacOps.

With the revival of the Department of Homeland Security in the new capacity, the TacOps has become the backbone of the LSF, carrying out the assignments within and beyond the Liberty's borders, in space or on the planet surface. The current Director of TacOps is Adrienne Perry.


Task Force Carentan is a sub-branch of the Department of Tactical Operations. It authorises a limited deployment of LSF primary and secondary fleet units at Tau space. It is also an information sharing system between the LSF and the Colonial Intelligence. More information can be found here.

The Department of Research, Development and Analysis

Research Development Analysis.png

The Department of Research, Development and Analysis (RD&A) develops and researches advanced technology for the military machine that is Liberty. All developments are highly classified, but some of RD&A's projects can be seen throughout Liberty, such as the Avenger fighter craft. The Research, Development & Analysis Department also deals with the development off non-standard equipment, including but not limited to scanners, weaponry of various kinds, hardware and software, medicines and stimulators, etc.

One may say that giving the Liberty Armed Forces the edge is the sole purpose of the RD&A. However, it'd be wrong to say that. Every single piece of scientific data which is considered to be of some interest will be investigated by the RD&A specialists. The RD&A is currently led by Director Martin Welch.

The Department of Homeland Security


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was the first Department to be created after the Nomad War to counter the growing criminal activities in the House of Liberty. The agents of the DHS performed investigations and assisted the local police forces throughout the Republic of Liberty both on the ground and in space, when their presence was required. The creation of the Tactical Operations Department initially weakened the DHS, since many well-trained agents were reassigned to the newly created Department in order to make it work as effective as it should. That led to the freezing of the operations of the DHS.

However, with the rise of the criminal activities in the House of Liberty, the Department of Homeland Security was reinstated in order to deal with the reemerging criminals in Liberty and the Independent Worlds. The agents operate in space and planetside, as well as maintain the security of important installations throughout Liberty. The Director of Homeland Security is Jason Booth.

The Department of Internal affairs


The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is the newest department on the scene, coming into existence in mid 817 AS. It came into existence after the Brezinsky scandal, where Rheinland assets were running a defector inside the Liberty Security Force. Needless to say, the governmental department responsible for finding leaks inside any of the lawful agencies was found to be incompetent and consequentially disbanded. The LSF then took over it's own internal affair management.
The DIA acts as an overwatch over all Liberty Security Force agents, with two main priorities, ensuring that all other departments and it's respective agents are not compromised, and secondly, make sure it, as a department is not infiltrated.

Under the command of Director Randy Roden every possible applicant for the LSF will be checked to the smallest detail before considered an addition to the roster. Also various spontaneous inspections are made among current agents of the LSF.


There are many rumours surrounding the LSF, the high command and many of their operatives.

  • One such rumour is the existence of a research station deep within uncharted territory that conducts highly classified testing on Nomad technologies.
  • Another, is the past of Director Copperfield. Prior to his enlisting in the Navy, he appears to be a ghost with nothing on file with regard to his past. All attempts to gain information on him have drawn a blank. It is rumoured that he was involved in organized crime, but these rumour are unsubstantiated.
  • Julia Wolfe has been spotted many times deep within uncharted space. The gossip of many is that she is either a double agent for the Order, or has been infected by the Wild or the Nomads. Liberty officials have dismissed this as Order propaganda, in an attempt to discredit Wolfe.
  • Chief Mike Edwards allegedly took part in an illegal interrogation of Order Admiral Mirage Bre'Delakorsa, which involved torture. After her escape, Edwards paranoid of a possible assassination attempt by her, made him focus too much on diverting valuable resources on strikes against Order.
  • Secretary of Internal Affairs Sonya Mosby has been accused of working with Rheinland Military officials, by leaking vital intelligence information that the LSF has obtained. Associate Director Wolfe has stood by her agent by dismissing the claims outright.
  • Former Special Operations Adviser Adrienne Perry has said to have been neglecting her children, by devoting too much time into her work. Her ex husband says the claims are ridiculous.
  • Several hours after Westfallen was in the hands of navy unknown source brought rumor that Anna Brown is exchanging equipment with one Rheinland Military pilot several trade rings away from Westfallen, also same source claims that Anna is behind "Silver" project.
  • Many rumors are following Norman O'Connor and his secret meetings with some shady persons, no one can tell you for sure what is he doing on the meetings and the story is told without any evidence. It has been changing every time.
  • In 818 A.S., Adrienne Perry 'dissapeared'. There are rumours she was about to be charged with treason for an unknown criminal act, possibly whistleblowing. The =LSF= has denied the allegations and maintains that after several years, they are still looking for the missing agent and former Special Operations Advisor. This rumour was found to be untrue when Adrienne Perry sent this transmission.
  • John Major is said to have secret links with the BDM. The =LSF= has no comment at this time regarding this matter. Some LSF officers also suspect that he began Task Force Carentan because he was "looking for something, anything, or someone".

LSF Ships and Naming Convention

Fighters, Bombers and Gunboats

Li fighter.png
Light fighter
Li elite2.png
Heavy fighter
Li gunship.png
Liberty Gunboat

Flag Ship

Liberty Assault Battlecruiser

Naming Convention

  • =LSF=Firstname.Secondname
  • =LSF=Codename
  • =LSF=Shipname


Navy Cooperation

After an agreement with Fleet Admiral Hale of the Liberty Navy, Director Copperfield was able to appoint a Navy Dreadnought, the Tyrannical, to serve temporarily under Liberty Security Force command for a period of 3 months. The contract terms can be re-evaluated at any time, to extend the appointment period. The Liberty Security Force and the Navy do not always see eye to eye on issues, however, they manage to work together to ensure the continued internal stability of Liberty.

Working with Liberty Police Incorporated

The Liberty Security Force regards the role of the LPI very highly, as without them, the job of an agent would be very difficult. The two organisations liase constantly ensuring pirates, smugglers and any would-be lawbreaker or terrorist is dealt with quickly and severely. The LSF occasionally engages in patrols with the LPI and feed on-the-spot intelligence on possible smugglers and pirate activity. Their joint force efforts prove to be very efficient in keeping Liberty crime free.

Wanted for Questioning

Jun'ko Zane
A young ex-LSF commander of Kusarian birth who played an important role in the War.

Edison Trent
A Freelancer working together with LSF Operative Jun'Ko Zane during the War, previously employed by the LSF as civilian contractor.

Jun'ko Zane joined the Order sometime during the war, the LSF hunted her for a time until she received a full pardon from the President. A while later, she rejoined the Order and fled Liberty. She is wanted on charges of treason and revealing LSF secrets.

Edison Trent is wanted for treason and is known to be still working for the Order.


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Rheinland Military
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Rheinland Federal Police
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The Phantom Empire
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Hellfire Legion
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Liberty Rogues
Red Hessians
Republican Shipping
Farmers Alliance
Kusari State Police
Kusari Naval Forces
Faction Relationship
Kruger Minerals
Golden Chrysanthemums
Daumann Heavy Construction
ALG Waste Disposal
All others not listed
Cryer Pharmaceuticals
Deep Space Engineering
Gateway Shipping
Interspace Commerce
Orbital Spa and Cruise
Planetform, Inc.
Synth Foods, Inc.
Universal Shipping
Bretonia Armed Forces
Bretonia Police
Bounty Hunters Guild
Border World Exports
Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing
Ageira Technologies
Liberty Police Inc.
Liberty Navy



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