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General Information

Very little is known about Ka'zilth except his history and even less is known to be true about him. Ka'zilth's life is shadowed in mystery and for unknown reasons he won't willingly unveil much about him. He is known to be extremely hostile towards House governments and he avoids spending much time in crowded systems, most of the time he stays in the Omega's or Sigma's and sometimes he seen flying in a Roc bomber trough the desolate Omicron systems.


Very little is known about Ka'zilth's history but it is known that he made alliances with different factions across Sirius such as the Zoner group known as The Omicroners and the Order group called Cerberus. His presence became known in Sirius only recently in the late 817 A.S. He stated to have been born on Arntriorch, a planet in a sector outside Sirius and that his mission here was to explore and to learn the reason why his kind where betrayed by the former Alliance. Very little is know about Rotakian biology but Ka'zilth stated his kind is carrying an genetic symbiote native to Arntriorch, the symbiote was needed to help survive the planet's harsh conditions, and the symbiote needed a host from which to extract energy. Several Order and other scientists wanted to separate Ka'zilth of his symbiote but he stated that once the symbiote is fully connected to the host, any way to separate them will result in the death of the both organisms. Ka'zilth came to Sirius with other Rotakians entrusted by the Rotakian Emperor on this mission, but most of them died either due to the wars they fought in Sirius or by assassinations by hostile factions. Currently Ka'zilth is the last Rotakian which remained in Sirius, unable to find a way back home he now struggles for survival in this total new environment.

Major events

The most major events of the Rotakians in Sirius was when their former leader Zaramma foolishly launched an attack on Newark Station crippling the station yet leading to almost total annihilation of the Rotakians, creating the (RRA) or known as Rotakian Remnant Alliance, of which Ka'zilth took charge, (RRA) has been trying to ally itself with different factions across Sirius and created strong ties with The Omicroners from which they have been granted gunboats and with Cerberus. They colonized Omicron Kappa and the system's two planets, however a mysterious unknown group of assassins, using Rotakian-made weaponry attacked and managed to destroy the (RRA) settlements on Gammu, Ka'zilth has been wounded and he passed out during the fight, Sokara, his brother believed he died and continued the fight with the assassins, he and the survivors had no choice but to flee, for a very short while the survivors where nothing but raiders, raiding transports for goods they may use until a Rotakian drone finally reached Sirius and they where called back to Arntriorch by using a ring in the Omicron Lost system. After some time later, an explorer finds Ka'zilth's frozen body, after he scans the body he is amazed to see an symbiotic life form within and he takes Ka'zilth on his Havoc Mk II bomber. Ka'zilth's symbiote woke up from it's hibernation due to the warmth within the ship and used it's remaining energy to re-activate Ka'zilth's vital functions, then Ka'zilth entered the cockpit to talk with the pilot who got stupefied to see Ka'zilth walking and talking to him, the pilot won't have identified himself so Ka'zilth killed him and took the bomber for himself, which later changed it for a Roc.

Current status

Now, Ka'zilth lives in isolation from the Houses, raiding transports of occasion for goods he may sell or use for himself, without knowing about the path to Arntriorch he may never find out.