The Omicroners

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The Omicroners
Omicroners Logo.png
Origin Zoners
Alignment Neutral
Date of founding 816 A.S.
Founder(s) Remnants of the Consortium
Current leader(s) The Board of Seniors
Base of operations Omicron-74
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The Omicroners

Name: The Omicroners

NPC Faction: Zoner IFF, Zoner Guard IFF

ID: Zoner ID, Zoner Guard ID

Faction tag: (]o[)

Formerly known as: Zoners Trading Consortium, The Consortium and the ZTC.

Call Sign Templates

  • (]o[)<first name>.<last name>
  • e.g. (]o[)John.Smith
Larger vessels
  • (]o[)<shipname>
  • e.g. (]o[)Radiance

Ships & Equipment

  • Zoner, Civilian and Codename equipment may be used freely. Other equipment has to be approved by the Board of Seniors.
  • Zoner, Border Worlds and Civilian ships may be used freely. Other ships have to be approved by the Board of Seniors.

Through contracts, available vessels for disposal:
Col vhf.png
Col bomber.png
B2 "Pytho" IMG Bomber
Hw t h int.png
Hw t bomber.png
T-493-B GMG Bomber
T-833-GB Kusari Explorer
Order Gunboat

Course of Development

The Omicroners humbly began as the Zoners Trading Consortium, founded by Johann Boll, William Topper and Werner Mazursky. Shortly after they established themselves and became a recognizable group in the Omicrons and Omegas, several Zoners joined this party. Among them were Charles M. Burns, Louisa Salome and Yevan Pushkin.

Louisa Salome did a lot to push the organization to what it is today, setting goals to further a global Zoner civilization in Sirius. The ZTC was to become deeply involved in the establishment of the collective organization called the Council of Zoners, which was previously endorsed by the Temporary Autonomous Zoners and had grown to an immensely large size, some of which would say a size proportionate to the to the serious organizational issues the collective faced when conducting daily and routine business. The Council of Zoners was disbanded, and a new organization formed when the chair of the council was found to be a Gallic princess in disguise. This led to the formation of the Zoner Alliance, which the ZTC entered into.

The ZTC faced another large change after Salome's death, as the candle burning on both ends went out some speculate the ZTC lost some of it's drive. Charles M Burns took over the official business of the Consortium, which was another name the ZTC became known as, which was mostly related to technology topics and base access rights due to an increasing amount of foreign usage requests. One of the main occupations of the Consortium; to investigate the Nomad Species, had bound most of the group's resources by this stage.

Eventually, as all leaders go, some take a step back to enjoy the time which previously flew by. Burns did just this, stepping down from the highest position and taking a small step back into the Quorum. Soon after James Ferguson had stepped onto the Sirian Stage, having been elected by the Quorum to lead the ZTC. The Corsair Empire, formerly a reliable and peaceful neighbor of the Consortium, lost control over it's citizens a few months after this leadership change, which led to internal strife and unrest and the forming of anarchists. The extent and exact information about this weakness and rioting are still unclear, but the impact it had on the Zoners of Omicron 74 and Omicron Theta was dramatic. After a series of attacks the Consortium was forced to destroy the biodomes of Freeport 9 and evacuate half of the Zoner inhabitants in Omicron Theta, mostly peaceful civilian families, to the deeper recesses of Omicron 74. The remainder of Zoners who were more or less capable of withstanding the Corsair aggressions decided to stay, and form the group known as the Omicroners. This exodus of civilians and those who sought more peaceful pastures would change the face of the group formerly known as the Zoners Trading Consortium.

Some of the Consortium members decided to stay and lead the newly formed Omicroners, in order to safeguard a haven in Omicron 74 for all Zoners. This splinter organization has retreated from the public stage of Sirian politics, heavily disappointed by the Temporary Autonomous Zoners and Omicron Supply Industries who buckled to the Corsair threat. They have moved their actions and operations underground. Prominent Zoners who were previously unaffiliated like Elizabeth Tate aboard the Persephone, the Protector of Freeport 11, and Stock Trader multi-trillionaire Sebastien Coen joined the Omicroners, in order to guarantee the inviolability of the safe haven called Omicron 74.

Omicroner Structure and Hierarchy

Omicroner Hierarchy

  • Applicants have the basic right of requesting support during their admission procedure. See paragraph 1.2.2
  • Omicroners have the basic right to participate in decisions, via elections and propositions in The Quorum.

  • Administrators have the additional right to administer their base and represent the faction after consulting The Board of Seniors, or The Quorum.
  • The Board of Seniors has the right to administer the treasury, represent the faction as a whole and determine the faction agenda.

Omicroner Structure


A collection of The Faceless, The Board of Seniors and Omicroner members who come together to vote on important issues within the faction. Every member of The Quorum has the right to propose faction goals and participate in votes and elections. The Faceless hold an undefined veto count.

The Board of Seniors

Four Omicroners that are elected in The Quorum's voting enclave once every three months. Voting is undertaken amongst all Omicroners.

The Faceless

A self-appointed and self-selected group of anonymous Omicroners that safeguard the Omicroner constitution. The Faceless hold an undefined member and veto count. They can only be over-ridden with a unanimous vote by The Quorum.


Omicroners participate in any of the departments at all times according to pleasure.

The Board of Seniors supervises these departments. The Faceless supervise the Board of Seniors. The Faceless has supreme authority over all departments, unless overridden by a unanimous vote by The Board of Seniors and the rest of The Quorum. However, The Faceless rarely interfere.

Administrator - Raluca Kiss

Our traders are meant to improve their personal income and the faction funds. Joining this department means keeping track of good trading opportunities, whilst always providing complete information of your trade runs to the department leader; such as flying times, profit amounts and pirate encounters. Your goal is to find as many profitable routes as possible.

Administrator - Kieran Walker.

Omicroner security ships are designed to protect our faction and our interests. This include escorting our traders, securing our facilities and providing help to our allies. This department is combat-oriented and requires the participation in our fighter training.

Administrator - Sebastien Coen

Our diplomacy staff is responsible for our relations towards all groups and individuals outside of the Omicroners. Basic faction strategies regarding the faction reputation are discussed here. The head of this department decides whether you are experienced enough to participate in external relations, or if you are allowed to pursue diplomatic negotiations with other factions of your own accord. The whole exterior perception of our faction is planned here. The Administrator of Sparta Station is furthermore responsible for the protection of The Faceless, and The Quorum's enclave.

Administrator - Marco Cabulb

The Omicroners' Department of Research is perhaps the most exotic department, but it is the cutting edge, so to speak, at the same time. Zoners are supposed to be excellent researchers, and most of The Omicroners' security, trade and diplomatic advantages emanate from this department. This is the reason why Omicroners members are trying to improve the projects and results of this department. An example we are all proud of is the planned development of a stringent Zoner vessel line, but also the assembly of our Research Facility Leonardo. All of our research projects are embedded in a larger scope of role play which defining the factions distinguished profile.



We're very cautious and distrustful, so how to join a paranoid group like the Omicroners?

We recommend to reside at Freeport 9, get familiar with the local conditions and grow relations to the other Zoners out there. If you enjoy the life in the Omicrons, proceed to here or contact any Omicroner pilot you find.

Omicroner Pilot Roster

Omicroners / Quorum Delegates:


Omicroner Fleet Roster

Ship classes and types currently in service:


"Repair Ship"
Civilian Maintenance Vessel
Series YX BW Freighter
Dsy trainx2.png
CT-53 "Heron"
Civilian Train
Series " DL"
Border Worlds Transport
"ZBT-100Z 2"
Zoner Borderworld Transport


Civilian Light Interceptor
Cv fighter.png
CTE-4000 "Griffin"
Civilian Light Fighter
"Moldy Crow"
Civilian Heavy Fighter
Cv vheavy fighter.png
CTE-6000 "Eagle"
Civilian Very Heavy Fighter
SV-17 "Virage"
Civilian Very Heavy Fighter
Hw t h int.png
Col vhf.png
Evo 2B"Nyx"
IMG Very Heavy Fighter
Bw vheavy fighter.png
Series Z "Sabre"
Border Worlds VH Fighter
KS-1093 "Mafic"
Civilian Super Heavy Miner
E78-12 "Spatial"
Civ. Deep Space Explorer


CTE-19000 "Roc"
Civilian Bomber
Hw t bomber.png
T-493-B "Kaichou"
GMG Bomber
Col bomber.png
B2 "Pytho" IMG Bomber


Z gunship.png
Zoner Gunboat
T-833-GB "Ahoudori"
Kusari Explorer
Zoner/Order Gunboat


Zoner Deep Space Explorer
Zoner Heavy Destroyer


Zoner Carrier
IMG Carrier
Zoner Juggernaut

Zone Of Interest

  • System Ownership:


  • Primary Headquarters:

Sparta Station

  • Public Office:

Freeport XV

  • Other Occupied Systems:

Omicron Theta, Omicron Delta, Omega 49 ... and every Zoner designated base

Omicron 74

Omicron 74 is currently closed to all non-Zoners. Exceptions apply by special permissions, and as negotiated on the Neural Net. Trespassing is punished with minimal notice and maximum damage.


Official diplomacy:

Faction Relationship
Everyone else
Bounty Hunters
At War
Das Wilde
At War

Concealed Diplomacy:

Faction Relationship
The Order
Gas Miners Guild
Temporary Autonomous Zoners
Everyone else
Omicron Supply Industries
The Benitez Family
Bounty Hunters
At War
Das Wilde
At War

Special agreements

GMG Logo.png
Gas Miners Guild
Technology Exchange
CR Logo.png
Colonial Remnant
Order Logo.png
The Order

Zoner History

Since the beginning of human settlement in Sirius, Zoners were perceived as people who decided to resign from the guaranteed safety of the Houses. They set out to live their lives in the more dangerous, but also auspicious environments of the Edge Worlds, which were collectively known as The Zone. The migration of former House citizens into these territories was akin to the old Earth’s “Exploration of the Great Frontier.” Men and women from a variety of backgrounds brought what little they could fairy into unknown voids of space. These Zoners ranged from mere adventurers to the socially disadvantaged; from prisoners to corporate tycoons. But no matter what reasons drove people out of the relative safety of the Houses, every one of these civilians wanted to start a new life.

One can imagine how painstakingly difficult it was for the first Zoners in the Edge Worlds. They had to abstain from the comforts provided by well established infrastructures of their former homes, so the only way to begin a new life away from the developed parts of Sirius was to sell rare goods found in the Outer Systems to House corporations and criminals alike. Trading became crucial for their survival. They traveled to every corner of Sirius in order to exchange goods, and in the process ignited the first wave of Zoner Immigrants. As traders from the Edge Worlds emerged, now flying under an Independent banner, they attracted a flood of civilians who were largely impressed by the Zoners’ freedom and prosperity. The news of Zoners spread through Sirius attracting more and more people - craftsmen, veterans, scientists, artists and criminals - many of whom changed their identity and tore down all connections to their respective communities. Their new life had to be tightly bound to a neutral attitude towards political plots and struggles, which gave them the necessary security to travel wherever they wished. Some historical evidence also suggests that the Zoners’ separatist approach toward all factional organizations indirectly resulted in the acclaimed neutrality they maintain to this very day.

The Zoners’ primary focus was civilizing the harsh environments they sought refuge in, but they were still too few to build solid infrastructures in order to colonize inhabitable planets, so they started to build space stations and small habitats. Losing lots of their ships exploring the Edge Worlds they learned to be cautious and they learned to value life more than anything else, at least their own. Living in systems with a vanishing density of population they also got used to relying on themselves, preferring independence, personal responsibility and freedom, but they also had to learn to cooperate with each other, just slowly at first, as their will to survive left no other choice to them. Thi loose cooperation led to the founding of little communities moving from location to location in order to find new resources and ways to improve their lives. Today it seems to be cynical, but they lived like nomads.

Many years passed, and some of these scattered communities grew slowly but steadily, still attracting more and more people. They claimed abandoned stations, like Freeport 2 in 650 A.S., or built new marketplaces, like Freeport 1 in 738 A.S., at junctions of well-known trade routes to ensure the better provision of daily needs. The first communities settled on habitable planets (Erie in 761 A.S.), and other communities, led by dropouts with scientific backgrounds, launched prototypes of the now fabled Juggernauts into space which were supposed to serve as colonial holds, transports, exploring vessels and support facilities. These ships were also designed as ships of war , although they where never used in this role. They had the resources to build them, so they did.

But Zoners had neither enough time, nor a real need to concentrate on developing military power, although they have always been able to develop technology to be among the best Sirius has ever seen. Their love for freedom and individual occupations as well as the wide spread areas they were living in never allowed the foundation of a common military organization. They preferred to spend their income for further scientific advance, conforming with their curious nature, personal luxuries and new ways of colonizing and perhaps exploiting the Edge Worlds, and most people of Sirius appreciated the Freeports as bastions of freedom where commodities could be traded and information gathered freely and unmolested by House authorities. The first Zoner bases did not even have local security personnel, so most Zoners learned quickly to balance opinions, and to abstain from political interference in order to diffuse conflicts at the initial source of the problem. This neutral attitude and indifferent behavior towards almost everyone founded their reputation as good diplomats. The first noticeable common effort of Zoners to sustain their neutral position is their neutral role in the epic conflict between the Corsairs and the Outcasts.

Beside their neutral attitude towards everybody Zoners had to establish reliable trade contracts as well. The first of this kind was established with the Gas Miners Guild due to each side's satisfying experiences over the years, finally leading to an alliance that is flourishing until today. A second and very delicate alliance has also been forged, which is not completely undisputed among Zoners today: In the prelude of the Nomad War, Zoners were among the first who encountered specimen of these aliens. Never being involved into serious conflicts, thus unable to find quick solutions to this new threat, and feeling secretly responsible for the alien's spreading - it was a Zoner who was to be contaminated first - they appreciated the secret work of the legendary Liberty renegade Caspar Orillion. The Zoners had no choice but to support his work, called The Order, with logistics, financing and intelligence, and due to the fact that The Order was able to achieve a temporary victory against the Nomads, this alliance has lived on until today developing into a mutual exchange of technology routed through intermediaries in the enduring fight against these aliens.

Today the Zoners and their reputation are famous throughout Sirius. Some might even say infamous, depending on their point of view. Zoners are still struggling to reconcile their political neutrality with their desire for individual freedoms, but their answers to this struggle are embodied in groups like the Temporary Autonomous Zoners and new organizations, the Omicron Supply Industries, the Zoners Abolishing Slavery and the Zoners Trading Consortium, as well as the uncounted free-spirited individuals journeying under the Zoners flag, all together organized in the Council of Zoners.

Things are still changing in Sirius of course. The competition for resources is continuing, and the Houses are engaged in power plays with each other. The great war between Corsairs and Outcasts lasts, while the descendants of the long lost colonial ship Gallia have been found again. Almost forgotten is the alien threat, but even Nomads have learned from their defeat preparing their retaliation. It seems that Sirius is subjected to strong emotions that today's Zoners cannot ignore, but they are well prepared to face new challenges.