Klara Kesselman

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Klara Kesselman
Klara Kesselman.jpg
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Occupation Serving in the Rheinland Military
Gender Female
Height 1.63 meters
Weight 81.2 Kilograms
Affiliation Rheinwehr
Rank Fregattenkapitän

°Former: Synth Foods, Inc.

Status Alive and well
Born June 15th, 802 A.S.

Prologue of her life

Klara always loved living on the edge of things, Never was a girl who loved following orders around her parents or her new life within the Rhienland Military. But She mainly likes to tease people in the Military with her yet still Respecting them and her Fatherland Nation, expectly when she is on patrol with one or more of them.

She mainly loves to tease her Commanding Officers, she mostly likes doing it to Flottenkapitän Gerwald Klaus more, just for fun or jokes. Although theres rumors saying, she also have developed a secret crush on him since she met him at the academy on Planet Neu Berlin graduation for joining the ranks of the Rheinwehr.

Her past life Before Joining the Rheinwehr

Klara was born in a rich family on the soils of the famous planet Stuttgart in the year 802A.S . Her parents, Mr Kesselman and Mrs Kesselman were both working for Synth, due to their origins. Klara had a different vision and dreams on what she wants to become someday in her life.

She wants to become that, someone that is willing and is capable of making a change of her family history. She was always a optimist, fun girl, living life to the fullest, cheeky to her friends and many enjoyed her company either way she acted around them to entertain when times are quiet or slow. Klara told her parents when she was shortly after she turned 18, but it got serious after she turned 23, that she wanted to be part of the Rheinwehr, tired of being a simple transport crew member. As of her parents hearing of her raging about been a member of the Synth foods and waits quits to become an Military girl due to her anger suits it well she rackens.

Her parents over heard shortly after her rage ended in the ship, became instantly protective against her life and saying no to her request. She waited for the right moment when they had their eyes turned she secretly ran away one night and was found by her father shortly after he got his delivery to deliver. But as he sore her, he was landed his ship and she was off for the Militar, to fight for the Federal home without her saying goodbye to him.

Rheinwehr Hall of Decorations Won


Iron Cross - None

Knight's Cross - None

Knight's Cross with Eagle - None

Knight's Cross with Eagle and Swords - None

Campaign Medals - None

Hero of Rheinland Medal - None

Siege Medal - None


Liberty Warfare Ribbon - None

Kusari Kreuz - None

Nachrichtendienst Ribbon - None

Vaterland Defense Ribbon - None

Leadership Ribbon - None

Military Service Ribbon - Bronze

Anti-Capital Ribbon - None

Reconnaissance Ribbon - None

Speical Metals/Ribbons

Ambassadors Badge - None

Eichenlaub - None

Snub Ships Owned

Rh elite.png
Personal Wraith

Capital Ships Owned

Personal Tirpitz


Individuals Relationship
Rheinland Military
Rheinland Corporations
Everyone Else
Synth foods
Liberty's enemies
Rheinland's enemies
At war