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Developed and enforced by the Kusari Naval Forces [KNF] and the Kusari State Police [KSP]. Feedback here.

  • The Hiroshima system is reserved for the Kusari Naval Forces [KNF] and crafts provided with license from [KNF] High Command. Any other craft which enters Hiroshima will be destroyed if refuse to leave, penalties for being seen and apprehended in the Hiroshima system can include fines and forfeiture of cargo.
  • NO Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship capital class vessel may enter Kusari Core Space without prior permission from [KNF]High Command. Applies in: Kyushu, New Tokyo, Honshu, Shikoku.
  • NO Bounty Hunter Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship capital class vessel may enter Kusari Space beyond Deshima Station in Shikoku.
  • NO "Private police forces" are recognized, condoned, nor desired in Kusari.
  • Except licensed vessels, export traffic of the following products from Kusari to the Taus is restricted to Samura Industries, Kishiro Technologies and GMG (ID+IFF). Gaijins found exporting the above listed products will be escorted to the nearest Kusari base or requested to drop the cargo on spot if escort not available or engage if refuse.
Restricted commodities: Plutonium, Deuterium, H-Fuel, MOX, Military Vehicles, Light Arms, Ship Hull Panels, Engine Components
Fine: 500k~1M
(Hogosha may deal in Light Arms and be ignored)
Fine: 2M, cargo destroyed.
(Hogosha artifact smugglers are politely ignored as long as they don't flaunt it.)
  • Cardamine traffic forbidden. Smugglers are fined and turned back.
Fine: 4M, cargo destroyed.
  • Slave traffic forbidden. Smugglers forced to drop cargo or escorted to the nearest allied station to release the prisoners if no alternate transport is available.
Fine: repeat violators fined 5M, and as above.
Fine: 2M, cargo destroyed
(Hogosha ignored)
Fine: 2M, cargo destroyed.
(Hogosha ignored)
  • Defaming the State or the Emperor or insulting a Samurai's honor (all KSP/KNF officers) is forbidden and fined or paid in blood.
Fine: 1M
  • No foreign police or military/navy IDed vessels allowed in Kusari unless invited by their Kusari counterpart - and in that case they ought to be escorted.

Additional consequences

  • Succeeding in resisting arrest or refusing to pay a fine will lead to the Kill on Sight list.
  • To be removed from there requires an addtional fine (10M), the original fine to be paid.
  • Bounties outside Kusari space may be put for repeat violators.
  • Military assistance will be asked for criminals in capitals.

Kusari Licensure

Updated 07.02, 817 A.S.

How to obtain a license:

  • Single license to export restricted products to the Tau Sector, 25 mil deposit
  • Multi license (tag) to export restricted products to the Tau Sector, 250 mil deposit
  • Single license to access Hiroshima system, 50 mil deposit and a very good reason
  • Send a formal request to [KNF] High Command
  • License is not active until the request has been approved
  • Deposited money will be refund if the license is revoked by the license owner
  • License may be revoked if terms agreed in the request are not satisfied, deposited money will not be refunded in this case