Deshima Station

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Deshima Station
Akebono class Station
Deshima Station.jpg
BhgLogo.png Bounty Hunters Guild
6E, Shikoku
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 1,790

The Shikoku system was originally a gateway for almost all of the traffic originating from Liberty and the Independent Worlds. Entry requirements for the New Tokyo system were initially very strict, and as a result, Shikoku became home to a large band of itinerant foreigners. Deshima Station was constructed in 362 A.S. to house this population, and it still serves as a way station to this day. Over the years Deshima has been substantially improved through the addition of a Synth Foods biodome, the construction of additional living space, and a partnership with Kishiro to manufacture Consumer Goods in small on-base manufacturing plants. The Bounty Hunters Guild also recently opened an office here as the large numbers of foreigners in the system includes a significant criminal element.

Missions Offered

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