Luxury Liner Argenton

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Luxury Liner Argenton
Lucullus class Liner
Luxury Liner Argenton.jpg
CorseLogo.png Unione Corse
E3, Tau-44
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 170

The Luxury Liner Argenton is a Lucullus class vessel recently bought and refitted by the Unione Corse in order to compete with Ile-de-France Shipping's luxury business operations. It is one of the more legal business ventures owned by the Unione Corse, and the vessel contains all of the modern amenities one would expect to find on the highest class of luxury liner operated within Gallia. In addition, with its ever expanding reach into the markets of Kusari, Rheinland, and by some rumors even Liberty, the Unione Corse provide goods not commonly found in Gallia to those with discerning tastes ... for the right price, of course.

Operating on the outskirts of the Tau-44 system following the discovery of a recently formed jump hole from Provence, the Argenton caters to a more diverse consumer base with a spectacular view of the system's unique scenery. Orbiting Malakka along the L1 Lagrange Point with Palawan, the Argenton provides an environment more relaxed and less under watch by the Royals than any IDF Luxury Liner could provide within Gallic space. Apparently, Nox and other illicit goods are sold at late night rave parties that occur in certain secluded clubs aboard the vessel, but no substantial proof has ever been brought to light that this is the case.

Missions Offered

Bribes Offered