Luxury Liner Mackinac

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Luxury Liner Mackinac
Enterprise class Liner
Luxury Liner Mackinac.png
OscLogo.png Orbital Spa and Cruise
6F, New Tokyo
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Full
Crew 900

Luxury Liner Mackinac had been one of OS&C's main sources of income after the Shetland had to move away from Edinburgh due to the Gallic invasion. It was stationed in a wide orbit around Planet Kodo in Nagano, since Samura, the owners of the nearby Planet Tomioka, didn't allow them to get deals for recreation facilities on the surface.

Mackinac was the frequent target of extortion and blackmail by the Hogosha or the Farmers Alliance, both of which used their good standing with Samura to get away with it. Since the company needed the income from the liner, however, it stayed in the system, frequently offering tours of the dangerous Midori cloud or day-visits to Tomioka.

With the Shogunate of the Blood Dragons attacking the system in force, the ship was in even greater danger and forced to retreat. The presence of a warzone in the direct vicinity of it was too much of a risk for the executives, and they decided to station it in New Tokyo until it can get a more lucrative assignment.

It is currently resting in a high orbit over Planet Fuji, whose huge gravity well forces it to stay at a distance, but the scenery of the huge thunderstorms of the Planet at least provides some modest attraction for Tourists.

Missions Offered

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