Manitoba Station

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Manitoba Station
Winnipeg class Station
Manitoba Station.jpg
BhgLogo.png Bounty Hunters Guild
C4, Hudson
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities No
Population 160

The Hudson system saw a highly elevated lawful presence during the Liberty-Rheinland war. Despite the two houses engaging in extended conflict, neither side had any tolerance for any unlawful ships, which, ultimately, was bad for the business of the assorted ne'erdowells that call the system their home. As a result, Hudson is littered with wrecks from many different factions, serving as evidence of its broken peace and the turmoil it was unwillingly embroiled in.

As the war concluded, the concentration of the Liberty and Rheinland militaries nosedived dramatically, and despite the presence of the Liberty Battleship Alma and its Rheinland Counterpart, Battleship Braunschweig, the local criminal establishments acquired a great deal of breathing room, boosted by the nearby connection to the ever lawless Bering system, and rebooted their unsavoury activities. With Liberty being fully occupied with the Gallic front, and the Rheinland security forces having to relocate to deal with Corsair and Hessian incursions in southern Rheinland, as of late Hudson has become void of an effective lawful presence, presenting a massive opportunity to the Bounty Hunters Guild.

Following an agreement with both the Liberty and Rheinland governments, Manitoba Station was established in orbit of the developing Planet Atka. This mutually beneficial deal was aimed at reducing the pressure on the neighbouring house militaries, while simultaneously opening an extra income stream for any bounty hunters willing to base themselves in the area. High-profile BHG patrols now frequently launch from the station, claiming lucrative bounty contracts that directly deposit a great deal of wealth in the pockets of those stupid, lucky, or simply tough enough hunters willing to take on the extreme risk.

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Very Heavy Fighter
Bounty Hunter Gunboat