Mannheim Station

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Mannheim Station
Sanctuary class Station
Mannheim Station.jpg
KrugerLogo.png Kruger Minerals
6C, Frankfurt
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 430

Mannheim Station is owned by Kruger Minerals and they use the base to mine Deuterium, Tritium and Hydrogen from the nearby gas giant of Heidelberg. Originally constructed in 670 A.S. by Daumann, Mannheim never made much profit, although Daumann used it more for the prestige of owning the only H-Fuel manufacturing facility in Rheinland than for making money directly, for it gave them a bit more power, especially over their Kruger rivals.

Eventually, however, as the after-effects of the Eighty Years War faded away, Daumann made several deals with Kruger and swapped the ownership of Mannheim and its gas miners in exchange for the ownership of the Planet Holstein. Kruger, happy to be rid of its failed Terraforming project on Holstein, was unaware of the raw material deposits that Daumann surveyors had found on Holstein, nor of Daumann's intent to restart the terraforming process. Nevertheless, Kruger has made a reasonable amount of money out of selling H-Fuel at an extremely high cost to the Rheinland Military for over a century. The Rheinland Military had little choice but to buy its fuel from Kruger, for the Gas Miners Guild would charge them an exorbitant price.

While it is still capable of gas mining, Kruger is unable to compete with the GMG on price anymore, and the economic situation in Rheinland has forced the Rheinland government to cease subsidising the operation. Kruger, having anticipated this move, has slowly been converting the station into a nuclear fuel processing station, using ALG-produced MOX to power selfcontained Nuclear Cores.

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