Planet Holstein

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Planet Holstein
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Owner DaumannLogo.png Daumann Heavy Construction
Location 3D, Frankfurt
Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Technical information
Population 60,000,000
Docking Yes
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 14,320 km
Mass 6.00 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -26°C to 20°C
Escape velocity 12.11 km/sec

Initially charted in the original exploration of the Frankfurt system in 82 A.S., Planet Holstein was ignored for centuries by the government as its primary concern was the industrial development of Rheinland. Eventually, with the help of prominent politicians on New Berlin, Kruger Minerals succeeded in obtaining the financial loans from Interspace Commerce in order to terraform Holstein, which started in 519 A.S.

With the outbreak of the Eighty Years war between Rheinland and the Gas Miners Guild in 589 A.S., the terraforming operations were abandoned as GMG raids made supplying Holstein difficult. The Frankfurt system became a staging point for military supplies moving to the frontlines in Sigma-13 for many years, with little corporate activity, until the war came to an abrupt end in 668 A.S.

After the war, Kruger suffered a stock crash and was forced to make considerable reparations to the Gas Miners Guild, and its operations in Frankfurt never really recovered. Kruger shifted the focus of it's operations to Dresden and Omega-7, focusing on the extraction of raw minerals. Republican Shipping seized upon the opportunity to acquire the Mainz Storage Facility in orbit of Stulingen, a moon of Holstein.

Kruger Minerals offered to transfer ownership of the Planet Holstein to Daumann in exchange for the gas mining operations on Heidelberg not long after the Nomad war. Daumann agreed, realising the stalled terraforming process would be easy to restart. Daumann had secretly been prospecting the planet, and found that its oceans are rich in mineral salts, a bounty Kruger had missed.

Terraforming continues on Holstein, with the average temperature slowly rising, which makes conditions on the Planet more pleasant by each year. The process is expected to take another two decades to finish. Nevertheless, Daumann has already started to develop several industries on the planet, most of which revolve around the harvesting and processing of the mineral salts into agricultural fertilizers, and the production of Industrial Materials for both Rheinland and export to other houses. Aside from these industries, the rising temperature has also drawn a few enterpreneuring Farmers from Stuttgart, who are gambling the improving climate will steadily improve their crop yields. The population of the planet is estimated to be around 60 million, increasing steadily.

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Heavy Fighter
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Very Heavy Fighter