Nomad Trial ID

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The Nomads are sentient biological machines left over from a highly advanced alien race known as the "Daam K'vosh". The Daam K'vosh had intended to let the Nomads develop and colonise Sirius, but the human arrival disrupted this. The humans have taken many secrets which were left behind for the Nomads: Trade Lanes, Jump Gates, Cruise engines, Cardamine longevity. The Nomads can subvert humans by infesting their bodies.

Pilot carrying this unlawful ID is a young Nomad, who :

  • - Can attack only in self-defense or assisting Nomads and Wild in combat.
  • - Cannot ally with anyone except Nomads and Wild.
  • - Cannot demand credits or cargo.
  • - Cannot dock anywhere except on Nomad and Wild bases.

Allowed ships: Nomad Light Fighter (Nomad Morph) only.