Oerlikon Stellar Observatory

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Oerlikon Stellar Observatory
Blaise Pascal class Station
Oerlikon Stellar Observatory.jpg
Efl-flag.png EFL Oil & Machinery
5C, Zurich
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 1,530

One of the first facilities constructed in Zurich following the discovery of the system, Oerlikon is a mid sized civilian research post observing the interaction between the system's enormous G3.3 III class yellow giant, and its relation to FTL travel. Approximately 40 light years from any other stars, the Zurich - Picardy corridor represents the furthest stable, manmade subspace link created thus far without Ageira's hypergate technology, prompting great interest from Gallic researchers.

While the giant star isn't unusual in its own right, subspace links to yellow giants like Zurich's have proven to be unusually difficult to establish. This, in conjunction with the system's distant location, served as the driving force behind EFL's lobbying to observe the local stellar phenomena, a request which the Crown was quick to grant. In addition to observing the natural phenomena of the distant system, Oerlikon also studies the effects of jump drive use in deep space, without a nearby gravity well to anchor to. While no results on Oerlikon's findings have been published thus far, several prominent EFL researchers have stated off the record that the data collected has proven to be of great interest.

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