Omicron Supply Industries

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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Zoners For the server rules for this faction, see Omicron Supply Industries ID.

Omicron Supply Industries

OSI Logo.png

General Information
Callsign Schema

Numbering within fighter and bomber naming will be assigned by faction leadership and noted by your character on the faction's internal roster.

  • Transports - OSI-<Ship name>
    • OSI-Gull
  • Fighters - OSI-Firstname.Lastname
    • OSI-Joe.Blow
  • Bombers - OSI-Firstname.Lastname
    • OSI-Jane.Blow
Ships & Equipment
  • Equipment
    • Zoner, Non-House Civilian, GMG, and Codenames may be used freely. Other equipment must be approved by the Board of Directors or a CEO.
  • Ships
    • Zoner, Border Worlds, and Non-House Civilian ships can be used freely. Other equipment must be approved by the Board of Directors or a CEO.

Faction Introduction & History


Our faction's sub forum can be found here. You'll find a plethora of information about the faction on this forum.

Omicron Supply Industries is a collection of companies that runs equipment and supplies into the outer reaches, researches, designs, and produces space vessels and weaponry, and ferries passengers into the outer reaches. Based out of Nichols Trade Center, in Omega-49, they bring the fruits of Zoner labor into house space. These commodities are then traded for items that are needed on the outer rim stations. OSI also moves goods to and from Zoner installations wherever possible to strengthen the local Zoner economy. To do this OSI uses transports ranging from the smaller armored transport to the large Zoner Whale.

Operating in the outer reaches is a dangerous place and as such, OSI also employs a security wing to ensure that their transports are safe. Starting with the Kingfisher heavy fighter and ranging up to bombers, the OSI security wing is a tough group of individuals used to operating in the deep and wild border and edge worlds. Being true Zoners, OSI transports not only bring in supplies to the Freeports, we also make deliveries to the other inhabitants of the Border and Edge Worlds. Food deliveries to Crete and supplies to the Order are among some of our other deliveries.

Our main goal, here at OSI, is to increase the quality of life for those who live in the outer reaches. We live life in the roughest part of space and if we are flourishing then we have succeeded.


Samuel Nichols was born on Freeport 2. His father and mother were part of the Zoner movement that left house space over 60 years ago. To make money for his family, his father Jacob ran supplies to other Freeports and did the odd escorting job. After Freeport 9 was built Jacob moved his family there to assist in making sure the folks out there survived.

Samuel was brought up in and around transports and fighters. His father would take him along on the safer shorter runs to teach him the family business. Samuel watched as his father would broker business deals on stations to get the best price for his cargo, and negotiate with the pirates that tried to take them. He learned quickly that a few well placed words can be the equal of a few well placed blaster shots. Once he turned eighteen, Samuel was given charge of his fathers old armored transport. He and his father worked the supply lanes together for several years before his father retired.

After half a decade of making independent runs to and from Freeport 9 and 11. He saw how the unorganized supply lines to and from these deep stations was causing trouble. Certain high dollar items were brought in till the price plummeted and much needed items that were not a large profit went sorely lacking. It was at this time he first came up with the idea for OSI. He started talking to the other traders, organizing convoys and hiring escorts on a percentage of the profits instead of flat fees. By examining which supplies were most needed and balancing it with the higher profit runs, he make a rotating schedule for some of the local traders that not only kept the Freeports in what they needed but made a tidy profit for all.

Samuel also did a study on which ships fared the best in this arduous environment. While the larger ships had the chance to make a larger profit, he found that they were pirated more and had a larger difficulty handling the nasty asteroid and debris fields. Deciding that getting through to make the profit was better than potential profit he decided on a set of ships with the Border Worlds Transport as his top choice. Its survivability and maneuverability got his cargoes to station.

After most of decade of working together with other independent traders, Samuel finally decided to form Omicron Supply Industries. He had the capital to purchase ships and equipment and the clout to broker good deals all around Sirius. Filing the charter, he started hiring. Several transport pilots came over quickly and the profits flowed. With the increase of the Nomad threat, escorts were added. OSI now keeps the standard of living at these deep stations higher than it has ever been before. Samuel looks to the future in this ever changing universe and will mold OSI to fit. Ever looking for new opportunities you can guarantee OSI will be supplying the deep space stations for a long time to come.

A few weeks prior to Samuel Nichols death, in late 817 AS, OSI relocated it's offices to Freeport 10 in Tau 37 and started up a small wing of mining-vessels, to exploit the various clouds around the station.

Shortly into 818 AS newly appointed CEO Victor Cross decided to sell off the companies mining assets as its mining operation had largely failed. He however decided to retain the profitable contract that allowed OSI transports to haul ore for the IMG and supply the IMG with basic goods. The Cornucopia, having only recently been finished was directed to the Yukon system. The Cornucopia's new mission would be the production of fighter and bomber craft to be sold to the Freeports.

In early 818 AS Freeport 10 was attacked by an artificial intelligence controlled by a traitorous ex-Zoner. The stations in operable state after the attack forced OSI to relocate its headquarters to the Cornucopia for a short time. OSI was already in the process of having a large office on Freeport 14 set up, so when this office was completed it became OSI's new home, while the Cornucopia's modifications continued.

In late 818 AS, after several issues that OSI had no control over threatened the future of the company, a decision was made to part ways with the Zoner Alliance. Now free to pursue their own interests OSI looks to expand their services and influence separate from the other Zoner organizations.

In 819 AS, as new technology allowed the possibility of small, privately owned bases, it was decided to use one of these stations as a base for the new OSI headquarters in Omega 49, with an effort from all transport pilots and a hired construction crew Nichols Trade Center was constructed in orbit of Planet Gran Canaria. This station incorporates several factory modules to allow for construction of various pieces of technology for OSI's customers.

At the beginning of 820 AS Duncan Stow was appointed new CEO of Omicron Supply Industries. Nichols Trade Center started to serve not only as an export, but an import base for Gran Canaria. Thus the base grew larger and more productive in a short space of time. So it was decided that the administrative side of OSI, would relocate onto a new Headquarters building on Gran Canaria itself.

By founding a new city, named "Las Palmas", OSI established a central trade hub for the planet and base of operations for OSI and other Zoner organisations passing through Omega 49. Thus leaving Nichols to deal with production, export and import, and maintaining the fleet of ships under OSI command. Along with the relocation of the Headquarter to Las Palmas the Cornucopia was retrofitted to build both snubcraft and the iconic whale for OSI and Zoners alike.

Although not Administrating any freeport themselves, OSI is currently part of the Confederation of Freeport's

Company Structure

Board of Directors
  • The Board of Directors consists of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the directors of each of OSI's child companies along with general advisers
    • Directors:
      • David Starr (CEO)
      • Jerard Voncloud (Director of Security)
      • Marie Nemesis (Director of Operations)
    • Advisors to the Board of Directors:
      • Tunicle
      • Isaac Nemo
Omicron Security Incorporated
Formerly the Security and Escort Wing of OSI, Omicron Security Incorporated is a subsidiary of OSI that provides security personel to protect all Omicron Supply Industries assets. In addition to providing fighter and bomber pilots as scouts and escorts for OSI Supply, the firm also provides security guards tasked with ensuring the peace onboard Freeport 14 and the Cornucopia.
Omicron Supply Incorporated
Formerly the supply division of OSI. Holding firm to the principles of OSI, the company continues to supply many of the Freeports in addition to other clientel. Most of the employees who work for the firm are independent contractors owning their vessel and hiring their own crews, and in some cases multiple vessels working for OSI. The firm is always in flux, constantly hiring new transports to fill the ever demanding customer needs.
Koidern Manufacturing & Shipbuilding
Formerly Cornucopia Manufacturing, Koidern Manufacturing & Shipbuilding inherited CM's reputation for quality ships and equipment, which can be found on most Freeports throughout Sirius. Koidern has operations on Gran Canaria and Livadia Shipyards.
Koensayr Technologies
A recent acquisition by OSI, a small Edge Worlds technology firm showing promise in its prototype weapons and ship designs. Due to heavy investments by the OSI-group and collaboration with Corinth Research KTI expanded it's research towards into the realm of hyperspace-traveling. Koensayr working closely with Cornucopia Manufacturing in producing new equipment for use amongst the Zoner stations throughout Sirius.


Transport Fleet and Security Vessels


Ship classes and types currently in service:


Transport small.png
CT-49X "Gull"
Civilian Transport
Transport large.png
CT-39X "Albatross"
Civilian Transport
Dsy trainx2.png
CT-53 "Heron"
Civilian Train

Civilian Transport
Civilian Heavy Tanker
Dsy trainx4.png
CT-73 "Stork"
Civilian Train

Prison liner.png
"Prison Liner"
Series " DL"
Border Worlds Transport
"ZBT-100Z 2"
Zoner Borderworld Transport


Dsy miner lf.png
MV-422-B "Surveyor"
Civilian Light Fighter
He aesir.png
BWX-F1A "Bayonet"
Border Worlds HF
Hw p2 hf.png
CTE-HF "Kingfisher"
Civilian Heavy Fighter

BYC "Marauder "
Civilian Heavy Fighter
Bw elite.png
Series QX "Switchblade"
Border Worlds HF
Cv vheavy fighter.png
CTE-6000 "Eagle"
Civilian Very Heavy Fighter

CTU-7F "Raven's Talon"
Civilian Very Heavy Fighter
Lh fighter.png
HFX-F1A "Falchion"
Border Worlds VHF
Bw vheavy fighter.png
Series Z "Sabre"
Border Worlds Very Heavy Fighter

Dsy zon hf.png
LRE "Osprey"
Zoner Super Heavy Fighter


CTE-19000 "Roc"
Civilian Bomber
CTU-6b "Waran"
Civilian Bomber
Series ZX "Cutlass"
Border Worlds Bomber


Z gunship.png
Zoner Gunboat


Luxury Yacht
Ind liner.png
Renzu Luxury Liner

Restricted Vessels:

Img bomber.png
IMGF-15A "Nanda Devi"
IMG Bomber

Hw t h int.png
T-493-HF "Karasu"
GMG Heavy Fighter
Hw t bomber.png
T-493-B "Kaichou"
GMG Bomber

Col vhf.png
Evo 2B CR Very Heavy Fighter
Col bomber.png
B2 "Pytho" CR Bomber

Or elite.png
015A "Nephthys"
Advanced VHF
042A "Bastet"
Prototype VHF
019A "Sekhmet"
Main Bomber

Bases and Zone of Interest

Bases and Zone of Interest

Gran Canaria, Omega 49

Sometime around and after 820 AS, the production of small, yet efficient stations had become avaliable, not only in house space, but in the edge worlds, with this in mind, OSI decided to move from Freeport 14, and develop a new trading specific station in Orbit of the Zoner colonised planet of Gran Canaria. Once complete, the station, Named Nichols after OSI's founder, would become the fully fledged Headquarters of OSI. However over time Nichols became a bustling business platform for both Export and import trade not just for Nichols itself, but for Gran Canaria as well. With this in mind it was decided that the Administrative and management side of OSI would move to a new building on the planets service, and establish a public trade hub, whilst Nichols could use the new space to further manufacture modules, accept trade and maintain the fleet of OSI ships.

The City founded by OSI in the early 820 was christened "Las Palmas" after the Capital City of Sol's Hispanic Province Gran Canaria. It was originally indented to be both home and working place of OSI administration, directorate and planet side home for the researchers. However, with the constant inflow of credits due to OSIs interstellar activities Las Palmas almost immediately became home to service providers catering to the everyday needs of the employees of OSI. Due to the improved infrastructure it became home to several independent corporations. Some of them belonging to one or several Directors of OSI itself, such as the predigested "Trade'n'Drunk" or the "Las Palmas Interstellar Stock Market"



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