Osaka Storage Facility

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BlueWarningTriangle.png This page has been retired but kept for historical or other reasons, The information on this page may be incorrect, out of date or just not relevant to this version of Discovery. It should not be taken as canon nor any authority on the current version of Discovery. It is kept simply to show some history of the Discovery Mod:
This base was destroyed by the Blood Dragons in 822 A.S.. For more information: Osaka Wreck

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Osaka Storage Facility
Akebono class Station
Osaka Storage Facility.jpg
SamuraLogo.png Samura Industries
6D, Honshu
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population 150

The Osaka Storage Facility was built in 350 A.S. by Samura Industries, and is the largest facility of its type in the Sirius sector. Originally, fuel shipments from the Crow Nebula were stored here for the Gas Miners Guild before being shipped across Sirius to various markets, but ever since the GMG - Kishiro alliance was signed, the amount of H-Fuel stored at the facility has declined.

Security at the facility has always remained tight, especially in the light of recent attacks and infiltration attempts by the Blood Dragons. With the recently constructed Trade Lane to the Okinawa Jump Gate located at the Planet Honshu bringing in more H-Fuel shipments, traffic past the station has decreased dramatically, leading some to speculate that Samura may be forced to sell the facility off to Kishiro or the GMG in the near future. Samura still makes use of the station however, storing and processing H-Fuel gases mined in Hokkaido before shipping them to Liberty or Rheinland.

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