Otemachi Trade Annexe

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This is a player-built and owned base on the Discovery Freelancer RP 24/7 server which may not be found on other servers.

Otemachi Trade Annexe
Core Expensive Base
Interspace Commerce
E5, Okinawa
Technical Data
Gravity Standard
Docking bays Reserved for only those with docking rights.
Amenities Yes
Crew 801

Established 819 A.S.

Otemachi Trade Annexe is an Interspace Commerce owned station located in sector 5E of the Gas Miners Guild owned system Okinawa, within Planet Miura's orbit, that works in partnership with the Gas Miners Guild to supply Helium-3 from the nearby Mintaka Hydrogen Field to all that have been granted docking rights with the station.

Otemachi Trade Annexe also has Jump Drive, Survey Module, and Cloaking Device factories installed. Both of these equipments, in varying models and series, can be ordered through the official *Interspace Commerce Manufacturing Channel on the Neural Net. We are currently in pre-building stages for our Docking Module factory.

Special Equipment Available for Order

Special Equipment not yet Available

Docking Permissions

For docking rights and access to Otemachi Trade Annexe, please contact the Primary Base Administrator, Jacob Wells, CEO of Interspace Commerce, the Secondary Base Administrator, Yuuta Segawa, Vice President of Interspace Commerce, or send a transmission directly to Interspace Commerce with proper encryption.