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Docking Module
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Docking Module
Cargo Space 5
Hit-Points 80,000
Price 550,000

NOTE: At present docking modules ARE ENABLED.

The Docking Module provides a self contained small space craft service and maintenance bay. Complete with inertia restraint fields and pressurised access for passengers and crew, this module is the preferred way to upgrade existing ship classes to allow small space craft operation. Each module can hold ONE ship. At present, eligible ships has between 1 to 4 slots

The most common way of obtaining Docking Modules, is from a Player owned Base. You can expect to pay around $100,000,000 or more per module.


Docking module is a product of Docking Module Factory on a Player owned Base

It can be mounted in slot: Carrier Bay or Heavy Carrier Bay (Hardpoint internal name: hpdockingbay0?)

Buy/Sell Locations

This item is not sold on any known bases. It may only be available from shipwrecks, sold on player bases, or given by administrators.