Cloaking Devices

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Cloaking Devices

Cloaking Devices bend EM radiation to render a ship invisible to most sensors. It does require taking the shields offline, and there is a short period before the cloaking device takes effect. During this window of opportunity, a quick-thinking pilot can continue firing at the ship's known location while the shields are off-line, or use a Cruise Disruptor to disable a cloaking device for two minutes. Mass-seeking projectile weapons such as cruise disruptors, mines, missiles and torpedoes will also continue to seek the ship until another target is selected.

Cloaking devices, like jump drives, have an integrated multi-mode fusion power plant capable of generating power from a specialized type of munition called Cloaking Batteries. Cloaking devices generate a noise audible to ships within 3K of the cloaked ship.

Cloaking devices are mounted on a ship's Countermeasure hard-point. If a ship does not have a Countermeasure hard-point, then it cannot mount a cloaking device. Furthermore, the use of a cloak precludes the use of Countermeasures as decoys for mass-seeking projectiles, unless the ship has more than one such hard-point (such as the Democritus). You can find out more about cloaking devices in the Advanced Equipment tutorial.

Cloaking Devices

  • Maximum cargo space is the maximum cargo hold size that the cloak can be mounted to. If your vessel has a cargo hold larger than what is noted, you cannot equip that cloak on your vessel.
  • Charge Time is the number of seconds between initiating cloak and the cloaking device activating. Your ship then disappears during another few seconds. Batteries are consumed during charge.
Name Max. Cargo Space Cargo Size Charge Time Battery Consumption (per s) Max. Cloak Duration (mm:ss) Battery Type
Light Cloaking Device 480 10 10 4 4:00 Cloak Batteries
Cloaking Device Mk2 900 200 20 4 3:50 Cloak Batteries
Cloaking Device Mk2 Advanced 1800 450 60 1 15:40 Cloak Batteries
Cloaking Device Mk3 N/A 600 20 1 16:20 Heavy Cloak Batteries
Nomad Lesser Cloak 480 10 30 1 16:10 Nomad Cloak Batteries
Nomad Greater Cloak 900 120 60 1 15:40 Nomad Cloak Batteries
Nomad Superior Cloak N/A 450 120 0 Nomad Cloak Batteries