Pelussin Base

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Pelussin Base
Rhone S1 class Station
Pelussin Base.jpg
BrigandsLogo.png Gallic Brigands
6F, Lorraine
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 680

Pelussin Base was constructed within the Toul Nebula circa 500 A.G.S., after learning that EFL was constructing a Jump Gate inside the nearby Sarre Nebula. The base is an important outpost of the Brigands in Lorraine, sitting within striking distance of the Trade Lane between Metz and the Jump Gate to Tau-53. Police and Navy patrols approach the base on occasion, but are usually beaten back before becoming a threat. Pelussin is both an important smuggling post and a launchpoint for ships looking to raid the Trade Lanes.

Pelussin's permanent population is not too large and is estimated to be around 150 to 200 people. However, the base is one of the primary hubs of the slave trade in Gallia, and it is designed to house a lot more people for short periods of time. Since the problem of overpopulation is not unfamiliar for Gallia, acquiring Slaves on Gallic planets and some unlawful stations is rarely a challenge. Most Slaves were initially homeless people, drug addicts, and various socially undesirable individuals who were searching for quick and easy earnings. They signed ridiculous (and mostly illegal) contracts that bound them to their employers for dozens of years without an option to quit. After being transported to pirate facilities, the papers they signed served no other purpose than to demonstrate that the Slaves sealed their fate themselves and there wasn't anyone else to blame.

Various kinds of Slaves are in demand for various activities. Good-looking young women and strong men in their 30s being in the highest demand. Pelussin can usually offer Slaves of any age or sex. If the supplies of the station cannot meet some of the more exotic demands, slavers can usually acquire the necessary selection in a matter of weeks. During the wait, clients may enjoy himself or herself with various recreational options that the station offers, some of them not found anywhere else in Gallia.

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