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Peronne Shipping Platform
D-35 class Station
Peronne Shipping Platform.jpg
IDF Logo.png IDF Shipping
4F/5F, Picardy
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities None
Population 20

Peronne is a shipping platform operated by Ile-de-France Shipping. It was built circa 360 A.G.S. to serve the needs of the nearby Saint-Quentin Space Colony, and transfer goods to and from the Guise Mining Facility. However, when the Trade Lane to Guise was established, Peronne no longer served any real purpose. The station was largely automated, with only a skeleton crew left to administer it.

In 692 A.G.S. a Maquis attack managed to penetrate the station. With no station security to speak of, the Maquis boarders managed to plant explosives on key life support systems. The explosion blew out the entire station Oxygen supply along with several docking ports, killing the entire crew of twenty.

Peronne was repaired at the request of the Gallic Royal House, and is again operational. However, many of it's storage bays remain empty, and the station is still operated with only a skeleton crew. All cargo handling functions have been automated. The station now mainly leases storage space to whomever needs it. IDF has indicated they intend to decommission Peronne completely in 737 A.G.S.

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