The Maquis

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This is an NPC faction.  For the rules for this particular faction, see The Maquis ID.

The Maquis
Origin Flag-gallia.png Kingdom of Gallia
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding 700-720 A.S.
Founder(s) unknown
Base of operations Mazagran Depot, Champagne
Primary role
Overthrowing the Gallic Throne through acts of terrorism
Secondary role
Uniting the Gallic unlawfuls against the Crown

The Maquis are a terrorist group consisting largely former members of The Council who use terrorist acts and assassinations to attempt to help remove the Gallic Monarchy from power. Their actions range from the bombing of government targets to cargo piracy and general disruption of Royalist activity.


Since their break from The Council, the Maquis have openly committed acts of terrorism that go beyond what is normally considered to be justified during wartime. They have no remorse for their victims, and while they will not go out of their way to harm civilians not actively supporting the Crown, they have no pity for any caught in the crossfire. They are brutally efficient in their operations and do not bother collecting evidence against their targets unless they need help from more idealistic friends. If someone is suspected of actively working for the Crown- even so much as organizing aid packages for soldiers- they could be targeted by the Maquis. They give no mercy to those they view as threats, and do not hesitate to kill anyone in their way.

Their actions have earned them the respect of the Gallic Brigands and Unione Corse- both of whom consider them to be what The Council should be, and a model of how to fight the Royalists. The well-nurtured friendship between the Maquis and the other Gallic unlawfuls puts them in the unique position to coordinate attacks on the Gallic Royal Navy between all four groups- a resource they have employed to deadly effect.

Despite their popularity with certain factions in Gallia, the Maquis' actions have also driven away almost all popular support from the civilians of Gallia: While The Council enjoys support and favorable eyes from many in the Gallic Metal Service and other corporations, as well as a few figures in the government, the Maquis are viewed as terrorists and murderers, guilty of war crimes and atrocities beyond number. The Maquis view this as an entirely accurate portrayal, if incomplete- outwardly they claim to act in order to free the people from the greater threat of the Monarchy, but inwardly more than a few of their actions serve as vengeance for personal grievances they blame the Crown's forces for.


In the early 7th century A.G.S., the Maquis were responsible for a series of massive explosions that killed over two thousand civilians in Gallic cities. This harmed the Council's reputation so much that all Maquis were expelled and had to seek new bases of operation. Contrary to what many expected, the two groups did not become enemies. Instead, the Maquis evolved into pragmatic group of fortune seekers who began working with both The Council and with the more unlawful factions of Gallia. The Maquis broadened the range of actions they took against the Crown and its supporters to include piracy and smuggling, in addition to the ever-present political terrorism. To date the Maquis have also played an important role in the Second Gallic War, fighting with the Council against the Gallic Royal Navy and helping gain the assistance of other Gallic unlawfuls in supplying Council war efforts.

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