Saint-Quentin Space Colony

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Saint-Quentin Space Colony
Q.T. class Station
Saint-Quentin Space Colony.jpg
CouncilLogo.png The Council
4F, Picardy
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 1,130

The core of Saint-Quentin was the first station established in Picardy. Originally, the station was little more than a production center and supply depot for the construction of the Jump Gates and Trade Lanes within the system. When the lanes were completed, the station lay abandoned for over a century, until it was purchased by EFL and converted into a civilian base. Saint-Quentin was opened for colonists in 354 AGS after a lengthy fifteen year reconstruction effort. At that time, it was by far the largest space colony in Gallic space (and possibly in all human space) capable of housing over 14000 inhabitants. Dense spaces and lack of many amenities did not drive off the colonists, the majority of whom came from Amiens and New Paris, and in less than ten years all quarters within Saint-Quentin were purchased or rented.

The population of the colony consisted mainly of space workers and their families. The number of settlers has fluctuated from 8000 to over 12000, reaching its maximum around 500 AGS when massive space construction commenced in Picardy. The population then declined steadily until the start of the Second Gallic War. Royalist refugees have used Saint-Quentin as a waystation as they fled Council space, swelling the station's population by 4000 in the last 15 years. Recently, Council sleeper agents embedded in such refugee parties played an instrumental role in disabling the station's defenses for the La Fierte marines who wrested control of the installation from the Gallic Royal Police in 741 AGS.

The station is now largely occupied by infantry contingents as the Council arranges the logistics of the invasion of Planet Amiens, and a strict martial law has been placed on the remaining civilian population.

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Very Heavy Fighter
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