Planet Yuma

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Planet Yuma
Planet Yuma.jpg

Owner CR Logo.png Crayter Republic
Location C/D2, Coronado
Independent Systems
Technical information
Population 5,000,000
Docking yes
Terrain N/A
Diameter 9,453 km
Mass 4.72 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -39°C to 54°C
Escape velocity 15.42 km/sec

Yuma is a lush world that, at first, seems ideal for human population; with its vast seas, temperate islands, and a wide equatorial band of humid tropical terrain, it seems to practically beg for human inhabitants. Since its discovery in 640 A.S. by Zoner explorers, there have been nearly a dozen attempts at colonization, all of which (save the most recent) failed. The overly-aggressive native flora is capable of re-growing in cleared land at astonishing speeds and chokes out synthetic crops with ease; as such, early attempts at colonization failed because they lacked strong supply lines from off-world.

In 817 AS, Deep Space Engineering surveyors based their ship, the Armstrong, in orbit of the planet. When DSE revealed their discovery of the planet to the Libertonian public, intense bidding for rights on Yuma ensued, and the resultant capital gave DSE the funds necessary to initiate construction of a docking ring.

However, the Armstrong came under increasingly frequent and organized attacks from pirates in the system. Dozens of survey probes sent throughout the system were destroyed, and it soon became clear to the Armstrong's crew that they were not welcome in the system. Pirates, utilizing more advanced weaponry than previous raids, managed to destroy the Armstrong in a single concentrated assault, with all DSE crew onboard lost, and the docking ring not quite complete.

The Crayter Republic entered the system shortly after the Armstrong met its demise. Seeing an opportunity to ensure a strong claim to at least half of Coronado, the refugee Crayterians constructed Sabah Shipyard in orbit of the planet. In conjunction with Liberty and with clandestine financial backing from the Independent Miners Guild, the Crayterians have nearly finished the docking ring's construction, and, thanks to a discriminating campaign of eliminating the native flora in conjunction with Planetform Inc., have established several successful colonies on the planet's surface.

The largest settlement on Yuma is the capital city of New Thessalonica, which is home to over three million souls. New Thessalonica, as well as a handful of smaller settlements, represent a new class of "floating cities" built atop Yuma's various oceans. These cities have been kept well-fed in the process of establishing sustainable agriculture thanks to the Republic's extensive agreements with Synth Foods.

In total, Yuma's total population sits comfortably at just barely under five million, with the majority being citizens of the Crayter Republic. Crayterians from their home sector form a plurality of their citizenry, with a large portion of others having their roots in the IMG, and many freed former slaves who have been naturalized. Additionally, the non-citizen part of this planet's population is made up primarily of refugees from Bretonia with some Libertonian entrepeneurs looking to sell supplies to the nation which has finally secured itself a real home.

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