Riverside Station

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Riverside Station
New Brooklyn class Station
Riverside Station.png
Synth Logo.png Synth Foods, Inc.
4E, California
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 350

Originally built prior to the Nomad War, Riverside Station was destroyed during the Battle of Mojave between loyalist Liberty Navy forces and Nomad infested Liberty Navy Pilots in early 801 A.S. It remained as a twisted heap of broken debris and Scrap Metal that the Junkers occasionally salvaged from to recycle for many years, until finally after many complaints from shipping companies the Liberty Police agreed to clean it up. The attacks on the California trade routes by the Liberty Rogues had increased tremendously, with little to no Police presence around the planet Mojave, and it was decided to rebuild Riverside Station. In 815 A.S. the station was declared operational once more and the presence of Riverside has helped to reassure shipping passing through California.

However, the LPI found that maintaining the station purely as a Police Outpost was rather costly. As early as 816 A.S., the LPI sent out feelers to various corporations, to see if a joint administration of the station were possible. In late 819 A.S., Synth Foods purchased a majority share in the station, essentially taking over all operations except for a few docking facilities the LPI still makes use of. As a result, activity in and around the station has increased significantly. Synth Foods intends to expand the station into a research base and processing facility, where it can develop and produce new products in relative safety.

Missions Offered

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