Rodrigo Benitez

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Rodrigo Benitez
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Affiliation Corsairs (Corsair Benitez Family)
Born 789 A.S.
Died Still Alive


Rodrigo Benitez (born Henrick Schmerbauch, 789 A.S.) older son of Markus Schmerbauch, was born in Solarius Station, Omega-11 System. His Family moved to Planet Baden Baden, Stuttgart System, when he was four. As a retired Captain of a Daumann Tagged 'Crane', his father bought a Border Worlds Transport to live as an Independent Trader for rest of his life. Henrick's Childhood passed by listening to his father's Stories about Corsairs and their culture.


At the age of 18, Henrick moved to Liberty to start his own life, but after spending 2 years at university, he realized it is not the suitable Lifestyle for him, so he bought a 'Gull' Transport to continue in his father's footsteps and started taking Food to Crete to see all the stories his father told him about Corsairs and their bravery. After spending some time with Corsairs, he understood that the Stories his father told him were not just some "Night-Time Tales" and was bound to Crete more and more as years passed. Years passed and he started talking to his Corsair friends and asking about Corsairs lifestyle and their nation. It was there when one of his friends mentioned Benitez Familia, A Don who gathered Young Pilots with "Corsair Spirit" around him. Feeling Bound to Gamma and Crete and all the people in it, those words sounded to him like description of the only place he belonged to.

Joining the Familia

He decided to talk with Don of Benitez Familia, and after a few weeks he visited Don Carlos Benitez on Crete and asked him about joining the familia. After being accepted in Familia, As Tradition of Familia, he chose a Hispanic-Origined Name for himself - Rodrigo - and Joined his new Brothers and Sisters in Space. He followed goals of Benitez Familia to Protect Gamma with soul. in Early 817 A.S Rodrigo Benitez was disappeared for a few months without a single trace. After weeks of search, they considered him MIA, but after a few months, Jose Benitez, one of the members of familia, ran into Rodrigo who was in a damaged unequipped ship, wandering around Bretonia. Jose Benitez returned him to Gamma and turned out that Rodrigo Benitez had lost his memories after an accident, It's been One year since then, Rodrigo had recovered part of his memories, but not all, and yet again, is in Space to protect Corsairs from any threats. He is often seen in Crete Space on his Gladiator Heavy Fighter.

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