5th Sabre Resistance

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This is an unofficial player group.

5th Sabre Resistance
Bretonia Blacked.png
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Alignment Lawful
Date of founding 819 A.S.
Founder(s) Deneth Aleski, Austin Goodman
Current leader(s) Austin Goodman
Base of operations Highly Classified
Primary role
Disrupt Royalist Gallic trade, movement of materials and operations whenever and wherever possible.
Secondary role
Gather evidence of Sirian corporations supplying Gallia.

The 5th Sabre Resistance, originally the 5th Suffolk Sabres, was originally a special operations unit of the Bretonian Armed Forces operating out of the Battleship Suffolk in New London. However, the unit has since gone rogue, and the known members have been declared fugitives in Bretonia.


The 5th Suffolk Sabres were founded in October of 819 by Admiral Deneth Aleski and Commander Austin Goodman. The formal name for the unit was "Special Assignment and Deployment Squadron", and were a part of Aleski's Suffolk Fifth Fleet of the Bretonian Armed Forces.

The unit was commissioned to perform special operations that were outside the typical purview or training of the Armed Forces. Their primary orders were to act against Gallia by conducting guerrilla-style attacks behind enemy lines - disrupting trade and operations whenever possible. Secondary objectives included intelligence-gathering and combat against other Bretonian enemies, such as the Corsairs.

The Sabres as originally assembled included Admiral Aleski as Sabre-Actual and four members: Austin Goodman, James Arland, Sophie Savoie, and Arthur Davenport. Several successful operations were conducted, including a foray into Gallia itself, and all were resounding successes. Shortly thereafter, a fifth pilot, Lisa Jaeger, was added as an intelligence specialist.

Despite continued success, friction emerged between Austin Goodman and Fleet Admiral Firmus Piett after the retirement of Admiral Deneth Aleski. The Fleet Admiral wanted to reassign the Sabres to more mundane duties, such as convoy protection, and specifically ordered them to cease intelligence gathering activities against Gallia. Goodman disagreed, and there was a heated argument between both parties.

In the wake of that disagreement, the Sabres all defected from the Armed Forces, along with several supporting officers. They absconded from Bretonia, presumably to continue operations against Gallia on their own terms.

Known Sabres

Sabre-Actual: Deneth Aleski

Sabre-1: Austin Goodman (Flight Commander)

Sabre-2: James Arland (Communications Specialist)

Sabre-3: Sophie Savoie (Combat Coordinator)

Sabre-4: Arthur Davenport (Fire Support)

Sabre-5: Lisa Jaeger (Intelligence Specialist)

Known Accomplices

Aeyrn Langley: Departed with the Sabres, taking the HMS Venona with her.

Naomi Woods: Believed to be a Sabre accomplice.

Brandon DiMarco: Believed to be a Sabre accomplice.

Lawrence Winter: Believed to be a Sabre accomplice.

Natasha Brooks: Believed to be a Sabre accomplice

Amelie Lesage: A Gallic captured by the Sabres and taken with them when they departed.

Claire Lesage: A Gallic captured by the Sabres and taken with them when they departed.

Faction Diplomacy

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Colonial Republic
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Liberty Navy
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Liberty Security Force
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The Order
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